Top 10 Laravel Development Tools in 2024

Laravel stands out as a widely favored PHP framework for building robust web applications. Developers prefer using Laravel because of its elegant syntax, powerful features, and the ecosystem it offers for rapid application development. However, to leverage Laravel effectively, developers need a toolkit of efficient tools that streamline workflows, enhance debugging capabilities, optimise assets, and accelerate the development process.

This guide aims to equip developers with essential tools tailored for Laravel development. These tools play crucial roles in automating repetitive tasks, simplifying debugging complexities, and improving overall code efficiency. By integrating these tools into their workflow, developers can achieve higher productivity and deliver better-quality applications.

The importance of using specialised tools becomes evident when considering the complexities involved in modern web development. Automating tasks like testing, deployment, and code formatting not only saves time but also minimises errors. Debugging tools help pinpoint and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring smoother development cycles.

Additionally, optimising assets such as CSS, JavaScript, and images enhances application performance and user experience. Tools designed for Laravel often include features for asset compilation, minification, and caching, which are essential for delivering fast and responsive web applications.

For developers looking to advance their skills and elevate their Laravel projects, understanding and employing these tools is essential. This guide offers insights into the top 10 Laravel development tools recommended for 2024. These tools are chosen based on their functionality, reliability, and community support, ensuring developers have access to the best resources for building modern web applications with Laravel.

Before delving into the specific tools, it is beneficial to grasp the fundamentals of the Laravel framework itself. This foundational knowledge provides context and helps developers better appreciate how these tools complement Laravel’s capabilities to achieve exceptional results in web development.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a free and open-source tool for PHP that developers use to create custom software. It is known for its clear and stylish way of writing code.
Laravel is a PHP framework made for building web applications. It organises how things are shown (view), how they work (model), and how users interact (controller). It is built to make it easier for developers. It comes with lots of useful tools to help create complete web apps.

Additionally, Laravel uses clear rules for writing code and how the app is put together. This helps developers create professional apps smoothly.

Now, let’s look at the advantages of using Laravel.

Advantages of Laravel Development

Automation Testing Environment:

Laravel simplifies automation testing by providing a convenient environment. This means developers can automate the testing of their applications more easily. Automation testing helps ensure that new features or changes do not break existing functionality. It saves time by executing tests automatically and provides reliable feedback on application performance and stability.

High-Level Authorisation & Authentication:

Laravel offers robust features for handling authorisation and authentication processes. This means it provides secure methods to manage user access and permissions within web applications. With Laravel, developers can easily implement user roles, permissions, and secure authentication mechanisms, ensuring that only authorised users can access specific parts of the application.

Simple & Clean API for Mailing Services:

Laravel simplifies integration with mailing services through its clean and intuitive API. This allows developers to easily send emails from their applications using various drivers such as SMTP, Mailgun, or Amazon SES. The clean API design reduces the complexity of sending and managing emails, making it straightforward to implement email notifications, password resets, and other email-related functionalities.

Handling Technical Vulnerabilities:

Laravel is equipped to handle technical vulnerabilities effectively. It adheres to modern security practices and provides built-in features such as CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) protection. Laravel’s proactive approach to security helps developers mitigate risks and safeguard applications against common vulnerabilities.

Configuration and Management of Scheduled Tasks:

Laravel simplifies the configuration and management of scheduled tasks within applications. Developers can define scheduled commands that need to run at specified intervals using Laravel’s built-in scheduler. This feature automates routine tasks like sending reminders, updating data, or performing maintenance operations without manual intervention, enhancing application efficiency and reliability.

Why Should You Choose Laravel Framework for Web Development?

  • Clean and Clear Syntax: Laravel uses a straightforward and easy-to-understand syntax that makes code easier to read and maintain.
  • Modular Packaging: It organises its components into modules with a dependency manager, helping developers manage and reuse code efficiently.
  • ORM (Object-Relational Mapping): Laravel simplifies working with databases by using an elegant system that maps database tables to PHP objects, making database interactions more intuitive and less code-intensive.
  • Blade Templating: Laravel’s Blade templating engine simplifies creating views for web applications, making it easier to separate frontend and backend logic.
  • Active Community: Laravel boasts a large and active community that provides ongoing support, updates, and a wealth of resources for developers.

Now, let’s explore some essential tools for developers working with Laravel.

Best Tools To Use For Laravel Development in 2024

Laravel benefits from various development tools that improve productivity and streamline the development process. Below are some top tools for Laravel development in 2024:

Laravel Development

Laravel Entrust:

Laravel Entrust, as its name suggests, serves as a tool for handling both authentication and authorisation within Laravel applications. Beyond its role-based access control (RBAC) capabilities, it also automates tasks such as database backups and manages SSL certificates and SSH keys for enhanced security.

This package is widely recognised for its ability to streamline RBAC implementation within Laravel projects. RBAC, which assigns varying levels of permissions based on user roles, is efficiently managed through Laravel Entrust. This tool simplifies the assignment of roles and responsibilities, enabling developers to easily associate user roles and permissions with specific resources and actions within their applications.


  • Transparent and flexible RBAC implementation.
  • Seamless integration with Laravel.
  • Granular control over user permissions.
  • This tool is essential for developers looking to manage user access and permissions effectively in Laravel applications.

Laravel Mix:

Laravel Mix is a powerful tool for managing assets efficiently in Laravel applications. It simplifies the process of gathering and optimising assets, recommended by top developers for building scalable and reliable web applications with a great user experience.

This tool automates asset tasks and organises them seamlessly, ensuring consistent results. It seamlessly integrates into any Laravel project, offering simplicity in setup and usage.

By configuring your webpack.js file and installing it via npm, you can effectively manage assets for your application. Additionally, Laravel Mix provides a wide range of plugins and extensions to customise and enhance its functionality.


  • Provides a straightforward API for compiling assets.
  • Includes automated versioning and caching mechanisms.
  • Uses Webpack for robust asset management capabilities.
  • Supports preprocessing for various file formats, enhancing flexibility.


PHPStorm is a top-tier tool highly recommended for Laravel web development. It excels with its intelligent features such as seamless debugging, intuitive code navigation, and effective refactoring capabilities.

As the preferred IDE for Laravel integration, PHPStorm enhances development with robust testing tools, quick refactoring options, straightforward code navigation, and reliable debugging features. It also serves as a trusted PHP code formatter.

One of its standout features is the Smart Code Editor, which simplifies tasks like code configuration, syntax highlighting, and auto-completion. This editor supports a wide range of coding languages and scenarios, making it versatile and appealing to developers.


  • Integrates tools for comprehensive code analysis, testing, and debugging.
  • Offers a rich set of functionalities tailored for PHP development.
  • Supports extensive plugin customisation options.
  • Provides intelligent suggestions and automatic code completion.

Laravel Telescope:

Laravel Telescope is a robust tool designed for debugging and understanding Laravel applications. It offers immediate feedback on performance, errors, and database queries, making it invaluable for developers.

One of Telescope’s standout features is its ability to monitor applications in real-time, providing continuous insights into how your application functions internally. This proactive monitoring allows developers to stay informed about any issues that may affect their application.

Telescope includes various functionalities such as request profiling, exception tracking, and a user-friendly interface for analysing application operations. It simplifies the debugging process, helping developers enhance their application’s performance and reliability.


  • Intuitive interface for exploring application data.
  • Real-time insights into application behavior.
  • Detailed information on exceptions, aiding in debugging.
  • Comprehensive details on HTTP requests, facilitating performance optimisation.


BitBucket is an ideal tool for small businesses looking to collaborate on code reviews. It allows teams working with Laravel to collectively improve code still in development. Additionally, BitBucket enables easy sharing of code repositories.

BitBucket and GitHub are two well-known Git services that serve similar purposes but have some differences.


  • Seamless integration with Laravel projects.
  • Offers secure repositories with access control.
  • Supports CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment.
  • Facilitates team collaboration with features like pull requests and code reviews.

Laravel Socialite:

Laravel Socialite is an authentication tool designed specifically for Laravel, simplifying the integration of social media logins into web applications.

This tool is invaluable for Laravel developers, allowing seamless connection to platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, GitLab, and GitHub. It handles standard social authentication codes efficiently, streamlining the process.

Laravel Socialite’s clear syntax enables developers to swiftly implement social login features, reducing the complexity of managing various authentication mechanisms. It abstracts OAuth flow complexities, ensuring a consistent API across different social platforms.

Users can sign up and log in using third-party services, enhancing accessibility. Security is maintained through OAuth tokens and callbacks.


  • Supports integration with multiple social media platforms for user authentication.
  • Provides a unified API for easy interaction with social networks.
  • Allows customisation of authentication processes and user interfaces.

Laravel Tinker:

Laravel Tinker is a tool that helps developers test and troubleshoot application features effortlessly. It allows Laravel developers to interact with Eloquent ORM, test database queries, and easily view or modify data.

This tool enhances development by providing a quick way to work with Laravel applications through an interactive command-line shell. Laravel Tinker is renowned as one of the most efficient REPL consoles within the Laravel framework.

Users can interface with any Laravel application directly from the command line using Tinker. It provides access to every event and item within the application.

In Laravel versions 5.4 and newer, developers need to install Tinker separately as it is now an optional package.


  • Offers an interactive read-eval-print loop (REPL) console tailored for Laravel.
  • Facilitates direct interaction with Eloquent ORM models.
  • Provides a swift and efficient method for exploring and modifying data.

Laravel Debugger:

A crucial part of web development is debugging, and a Laravel Debugger is an invaluable tool for this task. It provides detailed insights into the performance of your code within the Laravel application, making it one of the essential tools in Laravel development.

With the Laravel Debugger, developers can easily inspect cache operations, monitor database queries, analyse memory usage, and more. This tool is updated regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest Laravel versions. Additionally, it displays debugging information conveniently at the bottom of the browser window during development.


  • Provides instant feedback on application performance.
  • Offers detailed insights into the Laravel development environment.


reCAPTCHA, specifically Google’s “NoCAPTCHA,” is a widely used security technology that safeguards websites from spam. It employs an advanced algorithm to differentiate between human users and automated bots.

Users typically complete simple tasks, such as clicking on images or solving puzzles, to enhance security and prove they are not bots.


  • NoCAPTCHA is more user-friendly compared to traditional CAPTCHA methods.
  • Provides robust protection against automated bot attacks.
  • Is more accessible for users with disabilities.

Laravel Backup:

Laravel Backup is an essential tool among the top 10 Laravel development tools. It allows developers to easily schedule and automate backups for databases, files, and directories, ensuring data integrity.

This tool is crucial for Laravel developers and service providers, as it securely duplicates and stores files in a zip format organised by directories. One of its standout features is the ability to store backups on any file system.

Customisation is another key feature, allowing developers to tailor backup settings and storage preferences to seamlessly integrate with Laravel applications, providing a dependable solution for data protection.


  • Enables personalised backup settings and storage options.
  • Allows scheduling of backups for consistent data security.

How to Choose the Best Laravel Development Tool?

When selecting the best Laravel development tools for your project, consider these key factors to meet your specific needs:

  • Understand Project Requirements: Identify your project’s needs such as real-time monitoring, database interactions, and asset management.
  • Evaluate Team Skills: Assess your team’s familiarity with Laravel and related technologies to choose tools that align with their expertise.
  • Community Support: Opt for tools supported by an active community for ongoing updates and reliable assistance.
  • Scalability: Ensure the tool can scale according to your project’s growth and demands.
  • Integration with Laravel: Verify compatibility with different Laravel versions and adherence to Laravel’s standards.
  • Ease of Use: Choose tools with intuitive interfaces and thorough documentation to streamline development.
  • Performance Impact: Consider how the tool affects the overall speed and efficiency of your application.
  • Security Considerations: Prioritise tools that adhere to security best practices to safeguard your application.

By evaluating these factors, organisations can select the best tools for their Laravel development projects. Using the best-suited tools enhances productivity and workflow management, ensuring superior app development with efficiency and quality.

Wrapping Up

In the competitive world of technology, having the right tools is essential for success. The correct selection of Laravel development tools boosts productivity and streamlines workflow management. The tools mentioned offer extensive features tailored to different stages of development, enhancing the overall development experience. They create a strong Laravel ecosystem that simplifies tasks and improves app quality and efficiency.

If you are still not sure about which tools suit your project best, feel free to contact us at GetAProgrammer and talk to our certified Laravel developers for expert guidance and recommendations.

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