Why Should You Use Laravel for Faster Web App Development in 2023

The software development industry has become increasingly vital across a wide range of sectors worldwide. With a growing array of frameworks and programming languages available, selecting the optimal web development framework for building high-performance applications has become a challenging task. Laravel, a widely acclaimed open-source framework, offers numerous exceptional opportunities and features for accelerating the development of complex applications. Therefore, it is crucial to gain a complete understanding of the Laravel framework and its relevance for use in 2023. 

In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, Laravel has consistently gained popularity as the preferred choice for building distinctive web applications in recent years. Laravel offers a suite of robust features that completely address various everyday use cases, ensuring an efficient and seamless development experience. Undoubtedly, today Laravel stands out as the premier PHP framework for the development of robust web applications. 

A survey found that 79% of websites on the internet use a web development tool called PHP. Among the different tools in PHP, one called Laravel is very well-liked. In fact, there are a whopping 108,045 websites currently using Laravel on the internet.

Why Choose Laravel for Faster Web App Development? 

Laravel presents a multitude of security features, effectively mitigating vulnerabilities within your application. Furthermore, one compelling reason for selecting Laravel over other PHP frameworks is its seamless integration with valid token forms and AJAX calls.

Why Choose Laravel for Faster Web App Development?

Laravel maintains its reputation as the superior PHP framework due to its functionality, transparency, and simplicity. This is made possible through Laravel’s caching system, which efficiently stores a plethora of cached items, expediting application development. Additionally, Laravel enables the customisation of web applications through impeccable syntax and adherence to best coding practices, catering to organisations globally. This not only reduces development time but also enhances coding efficiency.

Among all frameworks available, Laravel adeptly manages everything from single database administration to innovative HTML generation. Empowered by an extensive full-stack model, Laravel proves invaluable to developers. With its highly expressive and elegant syntax, Laravel remains the preferred PHP framework among developers.

It’s an undeniable fact, Laravel is significantly less time-consuming and faster as compared to other PHP frameworks. This advantage can be attributed to its MVC-based architecture, which offers superior and meticulously documented features, enhanced performance, and a plethora of built-in functionality.

Robust Security Features:

Laravel stands out as an exceptionally secure framework, effectively protecting web applications from malware and security threats. Given its PHP foundation, its security features are beyond question. Security remains a cornerstone benefit of the Laravel framework.

Laravel has earned a reputation for effectively addressing major security threats, including:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • Cross-site scripting.

Libraries and Configurations:

Laravel comes with an extensive library ecosystem comprising over 20 different components that streamline web development. This diverse array of configurations stands as one of Laravel’s core strengths, granting it exceptional flexibility and user-friendliness. Furthermore, these libraries play a crucial role in helping developers throughout the development process, enabling them to build cutting-edge and best-in-class websites.

Database Migration Capability:

Laravel’s database migration feature is a well-established asset. It facilitates the seamless sharing of the application’s database among team members, ensuring swift collaboration. This feature greatly accelerates the entire development process, simplifying the implementation of necessary adjustments and updates.

Seamless Mail Integration:

In the modern web app development environment, a web framework without integrated mail services seems almost inconceivable. The integration of mail services within a web framework is imperative, as it enables users to receive notifications regarding their actions and activities on the platform. Laravel incorporates the “Swift Mailer” library, simplifying the integration of API configurations for individual email accounts. Furthermore, Laravel offers a range of drivers, including SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, and SparkPost, allowing for the rapid dispatch of messages via both cloud-based and local services.

Task Scheduling:

To minimise manual labour costs and automate various tasks, enterprises are increasingly adopting task scheduling mechanisms in their web applications. In the past, web developers had to create a separate Cron entry for every single task. However, with the rise of Laravel in mainstream web development, developers now only need to establish a single Cron entry on their server to manage all task scheduling efficiently. Whether your goals involve sending emails to subscribers, notifying app users, or optimising database performance for faster web applications, Laravel provides a complete solution.

Eloquent Object-Relational Mapping (ORM): 

Laravel includes Eloquent, an ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) functionality by default. Eloquent boasts an intuitive syntax that simplifies interactions with database objects and relationships. It adheres to industry-standard conventions, reducing the need for extensive configurations.

Efficient URL Routing:

URL routing, the practice of displaying linked content within the current webpage instead of redirecting, is seamlessly handled by Laravel. The framework automatically loads a pre-configured file that elegantly defines accessible and recognisable routes.

MVC Architecture Integration:

Laravel incorporates the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern as an integral feature, facilitating easy modification of templates and code throughout the development process and beyond. The MVC pattern enhances code clarity by separating logic (Model) from presentation (View) through the Controller. It also contributes to improved website performance while promoting the creation of clear and comprehensive documentation. 

Extensive Community Support:

A big reason why so many people use Laravel all around the world is because lots of people are part of its community. In this group, you’ll find both beginners and experts who are always ready to help you quickly if you have any problems with your application. If you’re new to using Laravel and you run into a problem, you can easily get help right when you need it. Moreover, you’ll stay up to date with the latest add-ons and improvements in the framework. 

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework right now, according to Google Trends for PHP Frameworks. It’s favoured by many companies because it’s easy to work with, has a clear coding style, regular updates, and project-friendly features. If you need Laravel development services and an experienced team, you can contact a top-rated and reputed Laravel Development Company like GetAProgrammer.

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