7 Reasons Why Still in 2019, .NET Development Rules

.NET is never growing old!

It is getting even better like a fine wine with days. Developed long ago in the late ’90s, this framework by Microsoft has so much to offer. The tech giant is consistently investing to add more capabilities to .NET and that’s what we brought you here for.

To let you know why .Net development, even in 2019 matters? And, there’s no point in worrying that it might get obsolete.

.NET reigns as a

free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications

By far, .Net framework happens to be the finest development platform for building dynamic web applications, desktop apps and web services with vast user capabilities. It gives immense freedom to the developers to reuse coding and other skills in a familiar ecosystem across all platforms to build applications that businesses need every day.

.NET development

With many advantages like these, .NET is still a fast-growing open-source development framework with support for more than 60 programming languages. ASP.NET, which is presently the most popular and efficient developer platform in .NET for different types of applications has alone earned over millions of users.

.net develoment

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Then, there are many others in the line. Like, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, C#.NET, VB.NET, C++.NET, and so on.

So, any app, for any platform, .Net can have it developed for your business!  Backed by so many languages, it is undoubtedly the ideal choice for a business when it needs any mobility or web solution.

If you are one of them but like every rational investor you too are left with a question about the persistence of the .Net framework in web development, then we’ve got your answer.


Let’s clear it out why with these 7 reasons.

.NET is interoperable

While interoperability of an application is a serious need these days when most businesses run with a network of hardware and software applications. A piece of software or hardware must be able to connect and interact with the other systems.

.NET Development

.NET provides support for all and develop applications that can be accessible by anyone and can run on any operating system or platforms. It can easily integrate with any other software or products of Microsoft, thereby making it easier for enterprises to interconnect exchange servers, MS office applications, emails and so forth. In other words, .Net helps in bringing absolute collaboration within the organisation with applications that can communicate with each other and engage in data exchanges.

Clearly, in this age of smart devices and IoT, .Net applications that are interoperable becomes a quick necessity for businesses.

.Net emphasises on security

Software or web applications developed with .Net are the safest. The code is strictly compiled and closed that leaves least possibilities of the source code to get landed up in the wrong hands.

.NET Development

Its highly secure ecosystem, inbuilt Windows authentication that assures the development of secure applications and special cryptography classes that encrypt or decrypt the application’s data are the reasons .NET is a hot pick of most businesses when they need an application.

Consistency and scalability

.Net framework is highly consistent in performance because of features like the compilation or enhanced caching. These help the applications perform faster and smoother. Besides, it’s easy to expand any web application or solution later.

.NET Development

With rich and extensive libraries, developers can easily extend the functionality of the application as the business grows and its needs evolve.

MVC architecture is never going to fade out

The MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern that is most used today in the development of user interfaces is a part of .NET. It offers the biggest advantage of structured coding because of its concept of separation (SoC). MVC separates an application into three key components, i.e. Model, View and Controller. This separation of layers in an application enables code reusability and gives scope to the developers to expand functions of an application easily.

.NET Development

Besides, in ASP.NET, which is currently the most used .Net technology, it’s easier to integrate the MVC with client-side tools which subsequently help in rapid applications.

Much suitable for mobility solutions

Living in a mobile-first era, you need an application that can be viewed or accessed through mobile devices. The .Net code can run seamlessly in any of the compatible mobile operating systems. It has developed languages like Xamarin or Mono for creating dynamic fast-performing applications for mobile devices. Xamarin even extends the .NET developer platform with tools and libraries specifically for creating apps for Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and Windows.

.NET Development

Mobile apps built with .Net are smooth, easy-to-use and offers rich user experiences which help the businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Vast ecosystem

.Net framework, being a Microsoft product is consistently subjected to new additions, functional improvements or updates. Microsoft has been hugely investing in the framework a lot since the time of its launch.  Some great things that are being added into the framework recently include language integrated query, asynchronous programming with enhanced support and introduction of new versions like .NET Core, ASP.NET 5.

Thus, to those who think .NET technology is going to fade out, this is the answer.  It is actually  changing with time’  !!

Support for IoT

Businesses today have been getting ahead with IoT (Internet of Things) technology where a number of devices are connected and work together over a cloud network. The key is to make the information flow faster within the business organisation to support decision-making .NET framework helps in the development of apps that run on IoT devices with its extension, UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

.NET Development

It offers simple APIs which help the developers to create simple and responsive applications for all major devices run within an enterprise.

All these reasons recount why still .NET is the champion in the market and is not going to wear out with time.

Whether you are a small enterprise owner or runs a big corporate house, .Net can provide a bespoke software or a web app or any mobility solution, perfectly tailored to your needs. Whatever is your business requirement, expert .Net development services from a trusted full-scale web and application development company like ours will get you the right solution crafted. We, GetAProgrammer are a leading company for .Net development solutions in Australia and deploy the framework to full capabilities for developing customised applications or web solutions for businesses.

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