Why Choose Laravel To Build Faster Web Apps

PHP frameworks have become an integral part of web development as these tech-stacks ensure to ease and speed up the development process and deliver faster and high-performing web solutions. These frameworks offer a foundation for web developers to construct PHP-based web applications. They come with pre-made functions and classes, plus extra elements for software design and implementation.

Despite some misconception that PHP is no longer relevant for web development, reputed names like Facebook and Google still use it for their web and app development frameworks. A survey reveals that 79 percent of websites on the internet utilise PHP for web development. And among the popular PHP frameworks, Laravel stands out, with around 108,045 websites currently using it.

As the number of websites adopting Laravel increases, so does the demand for Laravel development services. Many companies now specialise in providing comprehensive support for Laravel web development services. In this post, you will explore why should business owners choose Laravel for web app development.

Laravel stands out as a widely embraced PHP framework, capturing the attention of web developers with its well-defined syntax and robust features and capabilities. Its popularity has surged in recent years, solidifying its position as a leading PHP framework in the world of web development. The appeal of Laravel lies in its potent features, user-friendly design, and a vibrant community. In the current marketplace of web development, Laravel is often recommended by top-tier companies to meet intricate and customised business needs. Choosing the ideal Laravel web development company is the key to leveraging the most of this framework.

10 Reasons Why Use Laravel for Faster Web Development

Reasons why use Laravel for Faster web development

Model-View-Controller Architecture (MVC):

Laravel follows the MVC design, which divides different parts of the application like handling data (Model), showing things to the user (View), and controlling how the app works (Controller). This split makes it easier for a Laravel programmer to handle and update specific parts of the app. For instance, they can change how the app looks without messing with how data is managed or how the app functions.

Blade Templating Engine for Dynamic Views:

Laravel uses the Blade Templating Engine, which simplifies creating dynamic and interactive views. It makes the design process easier by letting developers build reusable templates. With Blade, managing complex interfaces becomes simpler because it includes control structures and template inheritance, making views effective and flexible.

Simplified Coding Language:

Nobody likes dealing with complicated methods to get their work done. Everyone wants things to be easy. That’s why web developers use Laravel web development services. It helps them create large-scale and complex projects quickly and easily, using simple coding languages. The exceptional syntax of this framework facilitates a seamless workflow for developers. Leveraging Laravel’s features, a Laravel programmer can effortlessly create a diverse array of applications tailored to meet the unique requirements of clients.

Efficient URL Routing:

URL routing is a crucial aspect of web applications. Without effective URL routing, web applications struggle to interpret user requests, often leading to blank or error pages. Web development serves as the gateway for users to access product descriptions, articles, contact forms, and more by clicking links or providing input. Laravel services provide a straightforward method for establishing routes, thereby simplifying the development process for professionals.

Eloquent ORM:

Eloquent, an inherent ORM within Laravel, optimises the administration of databases by seamlessly linking database tables to PHP objects. Through Eloquent’s expressive and straightforward syntax, developers can execute database operations, significantly reducing the need for extensive boilerplate code typically associated with database interactions.

Robust Ecosystem and Laravel Extensions:

Laravel encompasses a substantial ecosystem comprising libraries and packages that enhance its capabilities and furnish off-the-shelf solutions for common challenges. These Laravel packages span various functionalities such as routing, caching, and authentication. Incorporating these readily available Laravel packages diminishes the time and energy invested in the development process.

Efficient Queue Management:

When different parts of a computer program or different programs talk to each other a lot, problems can happen, like the main computer breaking or the programs being too costly. The PHP Laravel framework helps with this. When developers start making a project, they try to prevent these problems by using a message system and ignoring other methods. This helps balance the workload, keep everything working well, and make the program faster. In Laravel, developers use the Queue service to manage the flow of online applications and stop the server from going down.

Resolving Technical Challenges:

Whenever there’s a bunch of code for a website, the chance of security problems goes up. But with Laravel, even against big issues like fake requests, harmful scripts, or sneaky database attacks, it keeps the website safe. Laravel is better at this than other PHP frameworks because its code is really smart. This not only makes it more advanced but also gives business owners confidence that their websites are secure.

Structured, Configurable, and Streamlined Task Management:

In Laravel, the creation and management of custom scheduled tasks are seamlessly facilitated, eliminating the need for system-level configurations. The Laravel Cron Job serves as an integrated task administrator within your application, providing a user-friendly interface for configuring and managing scheduled activities. Laravel’s scheduling features further expedite the process, allowing for the swift development of custom schedules without the need to adhere to intricate Cron Job syntax.

Laravel’s Robust Security Measures:

Laravel really cares about keeping things safe. It has its own built-in security features to shield programs from problems. These features help guard against common types of attacks, like sneaky database tricks, harmful website code, and fake requests. Laravel also makes sure that passwords are stored in a super secure way. All of this is like a protective shield, making sure user info and apps stay safe and sound.

Laravel stands out as the prevailing PHP framework in 2023. Renowned for its intuitive coding style, well-organised structure, regular updates, and overall project-friendly features, Laravel has become the preferred choice for numerous businesses and development companies. The framework’s ease of comprehension contributes to its widespread adoption.

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