Why Build in Magento?

Ever fancied having a successfully running feature-packed eCommerce store? Or, thinking of diving into the trend of eCommerce business with your own online store? If yes, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place. Read on! Well, this is an undeniable fact that today’s market is full of a plethora of eCommerce development platform options. Then why build in Magento specifically – is an obvious question.

Let’s dig into the fact of how Magento has successfully earned the #1 place.

Why most of the online merchandisers worldwide are opting for Magento eCommerce development.

  • Open Source and Flexible Software

“Change is the only constant!” – this is absolutely true for consumer behaviour. What is trending today, might become obsolete tomorrow. Yes, customer behaviour is progressive, ever-changing.

Now, Magento offers you the flexibility not only to extend but to customise the platform to devise differentiated and unique branded experiences. The fast adaptability feature of Magento would let you stay one step ahead of the changing buying patterns of your customers.

  • Big Supportive Community

Magento is backed by a huge community of users, developers, worldwide store owners and service providers. Whenever you face any roadblock in the development process or need a helping hand related to the resource or support system, the community is there. Ask anything related to Magento, you would surely get instant answers. How cool is that!

  • Progressive SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To sell online, your business has to be seen. Magento has been built considering SEO efficiency. It not only provides augmented organic traffic but gives the products an improved chance to get highlighted on Bing, Google etc. as well. More interestingly, SEO experts have considerable scopes to implement their custom SEO on Magento.

  • Mobile Friendly

Well, believe it or not, today, mobile apps are changing the face of any business! Smartphones have become almost an integral part of our lives. Hence, developing an impressive eCommerce website won’t do any good until it can be seamlessly viewed and accessed through smartphones and tablets.

With the help of Magento, developers can easily come up with a responsive shopping cart that is currently trending in the market giving the consumers better shopping experience.

  • Convenient Third-Party Integration

You can easily connect the eCommerce action with Google Shopping, Paypal, eBay, Mail Chimp and a lot more. Another interesting fact is that this platform allows the business owners to include any third-party integration along with Google Analytics so that they can effectively perform data analysis without any kind of hassle.

  • Customized Security Permissions

It keeps your eCommerce site safe and secure with standard PCI Data Security, prompt of secondary password along with CAPTCHA-equipped security.

Thus, in the eCommerce business sector, Magento is arguably the most favoured web development platform due to its array of lucrative features and functionalities. However, by each passing day, the technology is advancing and more and more the new aspects are being introduced. In the case of Magento, there is no exception.

With time, Magento has introduced advanced payment options; strong coding pattern with JV, CSS3, HTML5, improved admin dashboard, extended analytics and reports along with incredible user experience, diminished cost, regular automated updates, more SEO-friendliness along with the captivating feature of being more responsive.

So, what are you waiting for! Get in touch with our efficient team of experienced Magento developers and sail your ship in the vying eCommerce business sector with a feature-packed impressive online store.


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