Which one to go with – A Responsive Web Design or a Separate Mobile Site, for an improved mobile experience

Irrespective of whether we like it or not, web is slowly and steadily transforming into mobile. All across the web and mobile industry, the debate vehemently continues with a rage that whether a separate Mobile site or a responsive website would be better for an online business. There are 4 essential elements which you need to highlight for a mobile site are as follows:

  • Understand the circumstances of the need of a mobile site
  • Identify your business objectives
  • Maintaining the harmony of desktop and mobile designs
  • Examine the past before developing the future

While some advocate mobile site being the necessity of the hour, some argue that the responsive sites can play a better part in enhancing the web presence. Here we state few positives and negatives of both the approaches to help you decide which would be best to pick.

Responsive Web Design:

Responsive website development

1.Pro: With the Google’s launching of new algorithms, going mobile friendly had been the most recommended method.

2.Pro: A single HTML website allows easy maintenance than the maintenance of two separate codebases.

3.Pro: No need of extra server set up

4.Con: Banner images and advertisements are tougher to position in responsive design, as banner serving software is not quite in pace with the responsive web technique.

5.Con: More front-end code to work is required for a responsive website to function evenly across all common operating systems and browsers.

6.Con: You have to compromise with the user experience slightly if the goals of the users vary a lot between the desktop and mobile. While the main idea behind responsive web design is to maintain the perfect balance between the functionality and the content same.

7.Con: In order to form a Responsive web design, you need to redevelop the site from the front end of your website.

Mobile Websites:

Mobile web developers in Sydney

1.Pro: You can offer tailor made services, which are not only inclusive of the things other than CSS and HTML, like navigation and content, which you can offer better browsing experience to the users.

2.Pro: Loading assets for your small screen device or mobile users like CSS files, JavaScript, or smaller images are the things which can result in faster loading time.

3.Pro: The trendsetting technologies can help you cut down maintenance costs significantly and can enhance experience.

4.Con: Maintenance cost may increase if you wish to have two separate front end codebases.

5.Con: Sometimes redirecting of users and managing cross links may negatively affect the page load speed.

Responsive website is the need of the hour, yet we can’t loosen with the importance of the mobile sites. If you are confused between which to prefer more, then we have answered it for you. Hire efficient and experienced mobile web developers in Sydney from a reliable Sydney based web development company for unravelling the best solutions needed for your next project.

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