Skills to Look for in an Expert Laravel Developer

When you want to create a modern website, you might need someone who’s really good at using Laravel. Why specifically look for Laravel programmers, and what skills should they have? Laravel is a powerful framework that PHP developers like to use for building different types of websites. Laravel makes its mark in the tech world with simplicity, elegance, and skill. It’s an open-source framework that uses PHP and follows a smart design pattern called Model-View-Controller, making the development process really good. This PHP framework is gaining a reputation as one of the top choices for web development.

However, when you’re trying to find the right person who knows how to use technologies like Laravel, which can give you an edge over others, it can be tough. This means that sometimes it’s challenging to figure out the best way to hire the right Laravel developer.

Must-have Skills of an Expert Laravel Developer

Must-have skills of an Expert Laravel developer

Good Understanding of Coding Languages:

Laravel programmers should be really good at basic web technologies. They need to understand CSS, HTML, and JavaScript well to create and launch applications. When you’re interviewing Laravel programmers, ask them questions about these technologies. Here’s a simple explanation of why knowing these programming languages is important, not just for Laravel programmers, but for all web developers.

HTML: This is like the foundation of creating web applications. It uses tags to define different elements and content. In simple terms, because of HTML, you can tell what’s the main title, body text, and subheadings on a website.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): Its main job is to control how the HTML elements on your website look. While HTML helps structure content, CSS makes it look neat and stylish during the website-building process.

JavaScript: This logic-based programming language adds extra functionality to a website. One of its key features is changing how the website behaves. All those pop-ups or confirmation boxes you see on websites are made using JavaScript.

PHP: It’s a versatile programming language used for building interactive and high-performance websites. PHP can be mixed with HTML, making it easier to add functions to web pages without needing external files for data. Also, Laravel is one of the frameworks built with PHP, so knowing PHP is extra important for Laravel developers.

Knowledge about MVC and OOP:

MVC (Model View Controller) is like a plan for building applications quickly and at the same time. Since Laravel follows this plan, it’s important to hire a Laravel programmer who understands MVC well.

Laravel also uses something called an object-oriented approach. This means a Laravel developer should be familiar with methods, traits, and classes.

Skilled in Databases:

Laravel programmers should be really good at handling databases. They need to know how to organise and control data and the structure of the database. This makes it easy for people to share data quickly in a company. For instance, if your database is well-organised, you can understand how well your business is doing. So, when you’re talking to potential Laravel hires, make sure they know about databases.

Some Common Database Systems are MySQL, Oracle 12c, and Microsoft SQL

Experience in Diverse Project Management Frameworks:

Project management frameworks are like guides in the tech world. They are the tools that come with features and functionalities needed to finish a project successfully and effortlessly. Two common ones are Agile and Waterfall. If you’re looking for a Laravel developer to work with your team on a project, it’s important that they know about these frameworks.

Knowledge of the Current Updates:

Frameworks don’t stay the same forever. The people who make them are always bringing out new updates and features to make things better. Laravel is no different. So, when you’re hiring a Laravel developer, make sure they like learning about new features and updates.

You can also ask them about any new stuff added to Laravel recently during the interview.

Knowledge about Cloud Computing and APIs:

If you are good with Laravel, you should also know these things:

Cloud Computing: – Being an expert in cloud technologies like AWS and Microsoft Azure is important.
Server Administration: – Knowing tools like Nginx and Apache is a plus.
API Handling: – Experience in dealing with different APIs, like RESTful, and understanding concepts like SOAP, MVC, and OOP is also crucial.

Soft Skills

Communication Skills: Beyond technical expertise, evaluating the caliber of a Laravel developer necessitates assessing their communication skills. It is crucial that a developer can effectively communicate technical details to both technical and non-technical team members or stakeholders. The ability to articulate thoughts and ideas is essential for seamless collaboration within a team.

Team Player: Recognising the collaborative nature of complex projects, it is imperative to ensure that new Laravel programmers exhibit strong team player qualities. Statistics from CBInsights indicate that approximately 7 percent of startups fail due to communication breakdowns among team members. Hence, prioritising team-oriented individuals becomes crucial for project success.

Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking: Developing websites requires not only technical prowess but also a high degree of creative thinking. Laravel programmers should possess the ability to think innovatively and approach problem-solving with a creative mindset. The capacity to tackle challenges and find unique solutions is paramount when working on intricate website projects.

Confidence and Decision-Making: In addition to technical and collaborative skills, hiring Laravel programmers who exude confidence in their work is essential. A developer’s confidence contributes to a positive team dynamic and is particularly valuable when making critical decisions. Confidence, paired with the ability to assist other team members in decision-making processes, enhances the overall effectiveness of the development team.

Laravel is the best PHP-framework now for web development, due to its features like top-notch security, blade template engine, scalability, and full-stack tools. To bring your dream project to life, you need skilled Laravel programmers and evaluating technical and communication skills of developers is crucial in hiring. To know more about Laravel and its features, get in touch with us at GetAProgrammer, a leading Laravel development company in Australia.

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