Reasons Why Laravel is Better Over the PHP Frameworks

A recent study found that 79.0 percent of all websites use PHP, contradicting the belief in the IT industry that PHP is declining. The report focuses on the tools and technologies commonly used in PHP applications.

Think of a framework like a toolkit for a programming language. For example, Python pairs with Node, Django works well with Express, and Laravel is excellent for PHP. Laravel is particularly favored as a leading PHP framework.

Many companies with active PHP projects hire Laravel programmers, experts in Laravel web development. Choosing the right technology for your upcoming software project can be challenging.

Laravel, a robust but relatively new PHP framework, has gained immense popularity. This blog will highlight why Laravel is an excellent choice for web development and why you should consider it for your next project. Take a moment to explore these reasons and decide if Laravel is the right fit for your needs.

Why is Laravel So Popular Compared to Other Frameworks?

Laravel is a powerful and relatively new PHP framework that has become incredibly popular in recent years. It’s known for faster website launches, freedom from restrictive techniques, robust security, and other benefits. Additionally, the open-source nature of Laravel brings even more advantages. This post highlights some of the advantages of using Laravel for developing web applications over the other PHP-based frameworks. It also provides reasons why considering Laravel for your next project might be a smart choice. 

Why is Laravel So Popular Compared to Other Frameworks?

Laravel Uses the MVC Pattern for Organised Web Development:

The main advantage of choosing the Laravel framework is its adherence to the Model, View, and Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which comes with a sophisticated and object-oriented syntax. Now, how does this MVC structure benefit custom web application development? In an MVC design, the model manages all the data logic. The view presents data from the model to the user, and the controller oversees the flow of data into a model, updating the view whenever there are changes in the data. MVC simplifies your code structure, making it more manageable, especially when dealing with large projects and untangled code.

Secure Authentication and Authorisation with Sessions:

Laravel provides a strong system for making sure only genuine users can access your online applications through secure session-based authentication and authorisation. It covers essential processes like login, subscription, and password reset, all achievable with a single command. This approach allows you to set up unique configurations to enhance security.

Develop Custom Commands with Artisan Tool:

Laravel’s Artisan tool is like a magic wand for developers. It’s a command-line tool that uses a powerful Symphony console component. Developers use Artisan to easily create the starting code for new controllers, models, and migrations. It can also handle tasks like distributing package assets and managing database changes. Having this tool built into Laravel is a big help, making repetitive tasks quicker and simpler. You can even enhance Artisan’s powers by adding your own custom commands.

Database Interaction Made Easy with Eloquent (ORM):

Eloquent ORM is like a tool in Laravel (a web development framework) that helps you work with databases more easily. It’s better than similar tools in other frameworks. ORM is a way of converting data between different types, and it uses the principles of object-oriented programming. With ORM, you can smoothly talk to and manage the database parts of your website using a language that makes sense and is easy to use.

Built-in Safety Features:

Laravel is a popular and highly recommended PHP toolkit. It comes with cool features like protecting against sneaky attacks, making sure only the right people get in. It’s got your back with things like SQL injection prevention, a fancy Authentication system, Password hiding tricks, Cookie safety, and Defense against CSRF. 

Automating Tasks and Setting Schedules:

Developers can use Laravel like a superhero personal assistant to handle tasks and talk to users. Back in the day, developers had to manually schedule every task. But now, thanks to Laravel’s built-in “Command Scheduler,” developers can set tasks to happen at a certain time or when something specific occurs. This not only makes your online app work faster and better but also saves you money on hosting. It’s like having a super-efficient and cost-effective helper!

Efficient Testing:

Laravel has a cool tool for testing that lets developers check just one part of their app instead of the whole thing. It’s like testing puzzle pieces to make sure they fit perfectly together. This helps create high-performing web apps with super smooth code. The built-in testing tool also lets Laravel experts quickly check how users might use the app without spending too much time.

Cache Integration:

Laravel comes with built-in tricks for caching. It’s like having secret storage for stuff your app needs to access a lot. You can even make this storage bigger with some Laravel tricks. This secret storage, also known as caching, helps make your system work faster, and that’s always a good thing.

A Vast Community:

Laravel has a big group of friends – developers and businesses – who are always ready to help. It’s like having a big family that wants to make Laravel better and better. If developers want to add something new and tricky to their app, they can just ask the community for advice.

Awesome Speed and Performance:

In the fast world of the internet, you need a superhero like Laravel to make your website super quick and powerful. Laravel helps developers do an amazing job and create websites that work perfectly. All you have to do is add these cool features, and your web app will be unbeatable!

Laravel covers it all, clear instructions, strong structure, a helpful community, plus services like email all in one. Its quick performance and amazing features make it a winner. For your website, hire dedicated Laravel developers from our expert team. Connect with us at GetAProgrammer, a leading Laravel web development company specialised in providing top-notch Laravel development services.

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