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As a prominent IT solutions‐provider, GetAProgrammer provides an all‐inclusive Rapid Application Development service focusing on the pieces of functionality that have the highest commercial prospect. Simultaneously, we confidently deliver those functionalities pretty fast, revealing our professional approach to work. In order to provide state‐of‐the‐art solutions to clients, we assign paramount importance to relevant aspects like

  • Planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing and
  • Documentation

If you require developing a qualitative yet time‐bound project, usually the development phase will take an eternity to get finished. By the time the development winds up, chances are high that the business process will get highly modified. In order to avoid this great inconvenience, businesses prefer the exclusive Rapid Application Development service that GetAProgrammer provides.

In fact, we nurture a robust and specialised team for the RAD projects our clients assign us with. Our experience in this domain provides us with the crucial edge and jobs get completed successfully much faster ‐ saving lots of valuable resources.

Our exclusive RAD features include

Our custom software application development includes three aspects.

  • Increased development speed, both in programming and maintenance, what consequently decreases time to delivery
  • Increased quality of the application, when the latter meets all user needs and has fewer defects Reduced complexity of the application due to the usable GUI design and accustomed look and feel
  • Cost‐effectiveness. Buying an application may save money compared to its building Experienced development teams with versatile talented members who perform multiple functions
  • Clear communication with the customer ensuring what will be delivered and when. Besides, RAD needs greater customer involvement

Our vast experience allows our clients avail the advantages of RAD while minimising the disadvantages, such as reduced scalability and productivity.

Reason to Choose Rapid Application Development

RAD model is applied for the projects which needs clear modularisation. RAD model enables rapid delivery as it reduces the overall development time due to reusability of the components and parallel development.

Key benefits of considering rapid application development:

  • Quick initial reviews are possible.
  • Constant integration isolate problems & encourage customer feedback.
  • Flexible & adaptable to changes
  • Reduced development time
  • Incorporates short development cycles.
  • Progress can be measured
Key Strength
  • Call-on-demand presence of a large talent pool with varied skill-sets in a wide spectrum of technologies.
  • High Technology Expertise
  • Flexibility to choose our onshore or offshore resources.
  • Local project management that eliminates cultural and time-zone barriers and ensures better accountability and greater quality of work.
  • No additional overhead costs involved in hiring our programmers, we take care of administrative and HR requirements.
  • Our developers are our own company staff. We do not employ freelancers or contractors therefore ensuring higher quality, security and responsibility.
  • The most competitive rates in the industry with a wide range of payment options suiting every requirement.
  • Our developers seamlessly integrate with the existing team and processes to ensure shorter development cycle.
  • We secure your Intellectual Property through strict monitoring processes and Non-Disclosure Agreements

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