Power in the push: 4 key Mobile app development trends to glance upon

The mobile app development industry is thriving and developing through various challenges over many years now and the market for mobile apps has significantly increased in the recent years now.

Developers are aware of the fact that every app landscape is in the constantly changing scenario. Getting to know how exactly the world is changing would never hurt us. So, if we dug into the first quarter of 2015, the current marketplace movements can single- handedly help the app owners to take enthusiasm in the best moments possible? If you have taken care of the four trends in the app owners, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Growing popularity of cross platform tools

cross platform

Owing to the improvement in this field of concern of cross platform tools, it’s noticed in the last six months the usage of cross platform have risen a significant 7% from 23% to about 30%.

The main advantages of the cross platform mobile app development are as follows:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness– One of the greatest advantages in the technique Mobile Application development
  2. Access to plugins-Several tools offer easy access to varied plugins like cameras, APIs, etc, which may be beneficial for your business.
  3. Quick Solution– Cross platform apps offer faster solution and can develop native app or Android, iOS faster with effective results than normal tools.

It is seen that around 83% of the respondents now use at least one 3rd party tool for their daily activities like testing, analytics, and crash reporting.

  • Internet is the way to go

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has plenty of developers investing much energy in something which has more tangible payoff. In the present scenario, more than 53% of the developers are working on some form of (IoT) project, some due to their interest or side hobby and some for expanding their knowledge dimensions.

It can be considered to be one of the biggest areas of concern in the current interest scenario, in the existing mobile platforms like android and iOS. Being considered as the most desirable software, it will remain to be the developers most essential among the competitive products.

  • Rise of the Swift language in iOS8

iOS developers

Adoption of anything new and fresh takes time to be accepted, so is the rise of the Apple’s Swift language, which is seen to be quite noteworthy to the extent that everyone developer in five have been using this. There is not only very well chance of this language growing and gaining more popularity amidst many iOS developers.

  • Make more money with Enterprise apps than consumer apps

Mobile Solutions

Smart phones have marched into our lives like a basic necessity. Funny, as it may sound, but it’s true, which has also lead to more and more usage of apps. But let us confront with the news of which apps has allowed the developers to make more dime. By looking into it, we can figure out that around 43% of developers have focused on making the enterprise apps a hit, compared to the other consumer apps being just 19%. It is pretty clear that the enterprise apps can earn the developers revenue of even of $10,000 per month. The sole reason behind enterprises appreciating the apps is that the apps are sure to open up new opportunities to solve many troubleshoot business problems.

Thus, some developers are more than willing to offer the best Mobile Solutions with more and more enterprise digital apps.And we all know that any business is willing to pay the best price if the solution is productive to them.

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