Optimizing Old Website Content? Try Adding New Ones Instead

Understanding the need for SEO

You are not required to be a SEO expert in order to know that adding new content to a website, whether an existing one or a new one that you have created, is one of the most critical aspects of website development.


It is actually quite amazing to note the number of websites that you are likely to come across where existing content sits around for years and makes you wonder whether the business has ceased to exist. We are not saying that you should do away with your old website content- if it has relevance to your present business offerings then it should remain. However, you should ensure that the focus does not shift from building up and adding to the website content, mainly through the introduction of new matter.

SEO: Not yet hitting the right note with Google

content is king

It is a well established fact that as far as SEO is concerned, the search engine giants Google have never really been big fans of the same. In more ways than one, they consider search engine optimization to be a means of getting around the various systems that Google have in place.


seo rule

Frigging with the search algorithms is something that has always led to a penalty from Google. Thus, it comes as little surprise to note that penalties are being exponentially increased for the websites that are found to be over-optimized. One simple way of getting around this Google penalty without resorting to any underhand tactics would be to focus on updating and introducing new website content.

 All contemporary content should be fresh and new

Let us suppose that there is a new project to be worked on where the client offers you a significant number of pages on their existing website. These pages range over an extended category, from products to various supporting articles.

google contents

As part of the project where they require a new site to be built for their business, they have taken steps to ensure that the pages which do not require any changes are separated from the lot. They have also created a separate tab of the pages that need to be optimized and updated with the optimization strategy left to the developers.

It is likely that many developers will simply look to go with a re-optimisation of the page once they find a suitable site plateau or pattern to work with. While this has its fair share of benefits when updated once in a while with a new content or two, as a business owner you will be largely benefited if you follow the examples of the leading businesses on the Internet.


brand new content

Have you ever wondered what gives them such a strong and successful online presence? By now you have probably guessed it- they do so by writing more amount of content that is relevant to their business and new.






It is not necessary that adding new and useful content to your website should be a long and arduous task. You can start by adding a sharp but short blog post on a daily basis. This is indication enough that you are paying close attention to what is going on with your site. You are likely to argue that more is always better, but in this regard staying consistent often holds the key.




All’s well that ends well

To put it in a nutshell, adding new and relevant content to your website regularly while undertaking simple maintenance tasks for the existing pages on your website is a great means of improving search performance.

And when the search performance of your website improves, it automatically translates to greater volumes of traffic and increased sales for your business.

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