Manage Leads & Payments Smartly With Infusionsoft’s New Trail Of Features

To thrive in today’s competitive market space, healthy customer relationship is the only key!

So unquestionably, with the best CRM software in support, you can see your sales scoring up overnight.

A CRM software is regarded as the biggest asset of the company that enables it to focus on their relationships with customers.  The real benefit of CRM comes by going beyond the sales and marketing aspects and making it an ingrained part of the business. It should also be a comprehensive one-stop solution to take care of contacts, leads, payments, invoicing and customer services.

Namely, Infusionsoft comes as the next-gen CRM Solution that manages both customers and business in one place. With the promise to “Smooth over the business challenges” Infusionsoft has been empowering small businesses since 2001 to truly handle their customer contacts, nurture leads and optimise the sales pipeline for assured conversions.

The global market of Customer Relationship Management software expected to reach 30-40 million USD by the end of 2022 owing to their increasing demand by enterprises and corporates, big or small. While it is sure that there is an inevitable competition in the CRM market, which one’s the best is hard to find.

Well, we are putting here the new advancements brought by Infusionsoft, which considered to be the front-running and ideal CRM solution for small and midsize businesses. This will completely justify why picking Infusionsoft for your CRM can be the best decision ever. Its latest tools for the sales pipeline, payments management and invoices are simply out-of-the-box. Undeniably, all the three are taking activities on the sales front to a new level with powerful and super-flexible features.

Before you hire Infusionsoft developers to upgrade your CRM solution with all the latest features, find out what they are and how they work.

1.  Infusionsoft Pipeline: Leading to prompt Leads Management  

After rigorous research and survey on their existing clientele, Infusionsoft discovered a grave issue faced by many businesses in tracking their leads. They are using either workflow tools or maintaining simple spreadsheets to have a safe record of their leads and track the stages of different deals. But, this added to the misery of the entrepreneurs as the tools are usually not compatible with other applications used in business management and so they have to keep transferring data back-and-forth at every point of time.

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To free businesses from such situation of clumsy leads management, Infusionsoft has introduced a visual tool, Pipeline for the purpose of managing leads at one place with uniform visibility and multi-view access. It provides an impeccable solution, any day better than spreadsheets and other discrete tools. Whether the client wants to track new or potential leads, follow-up successive leads from existing customers, there’s one single place, i.e. a customisable dashboard to show how far the leads have progressed in the sales process. With flawless integration with the customer database, the Pipeline provides a clear picture of all customer interactions and ongoing deals on the dashboard which helps businesses to make informed decisions.

How does Infusionsoft Pipeline operate

  • Customises each of the stages in sales like new clients, order proposals, quotes, invoice and so forth.
  • With every addition of a new customer contacts, Infusionsoft automatically adds it to the existing contact list.
  • Sends emails to follow up a lead or fix an appointment with client
  • Prioritises the important leads by evaluating the opportunity offered by every lead and the potentiality they hold.

Infusionsoft has been consistently striving to make the sales management easier for small businesses. Clearly, with its new feature Pipeline, it made leads administration simple, agile and efficient with a unified platform.  

2. Infusionsoft Payments: One-stop solution for Quotes & Payments management

This flagship CRM product for small business has taken another leap in advancing its quotations and payments system. The expert team of IT engineers at Infusionsoft has been working so far to introduce some financially-oriented features in the software that will remove all hassles faced by businesses while accepting payments. Infusionsoft payments brings all that! It will be an all-in-one inclusive tool for payment as well as invoicing.  It will accept payment cards, send quotes, generate invoices and track any pending payments.

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Such a feature is introduced owing to the recent data that shows about 40% of small businesses struggle with cash flow and another hefty percentage have experienced payment frauds in the past year. While such issues are aggravating mainly in the small business sector, this new application added to Infusionsoft will help them deal with all cash challenges.

How does Infusionsoft Payments operate?

  • Links the app to all customers contact details making easier to send quotes and invoices.
  • User-friendly dashboard, businesses can get a detailed view of the quotes, incoming, awaiting to be sent or outgoing.
  • Helps to create specialised invoices and quotes
  • Once a job is completed, businesses can quickly convert the quote into an invoice with just one tap.
  • Easy methods for payment acceptance, irrespective of the method used by customers to pay, i.e. online order form, ‘Pay Now’ click on the invoice, or manual checkout through a mobile device.
  • Set personalised reminders to nudge or notify the customers when there is quote needs to be accepted or an invoice payment is due.
  • Just connecting the app with the bank account will help business owners start receiving funds.

On the whole, Infusionsoft Payments has simplified the payment and invoicing procedure with no need for additional third-party integrations. To add more flexibility, the platform brought new Invoicing feature that will assist business clients to end all the panic-stricken phases while dealing with due invoices payments.

3. Infusionsoft Invoices: Assisting business to get paid Faster

With the newly upgraded Infusionsoft platform, small businesses also get an easy way to avoid all the fuss of unpaid or pending invoices. Infusion Invoicing will ensure that they get paid faster, timely or more often!

The new Invoicing application is built with adhering to all trends observed in business payments. While 75% of the customers actually preferring to use credit/debit cards for paying and 55 billion USD spend for overall fee processing in cash or check payments, it is clear that small businesses need to have an upright solution for receiving all forms of online payments and Infusionsoft serves that. It allows businesses to sync up invoicing and Payments features. With a quick ‘Pay-now’ option, they can generate payment requests on the invoices or can separately send an electronic automated request which the customers can pay via any mode.  

While the platform claims to bring Invoicing as a basic feature addition to make payments easier and fast for SMBs, stay tuned to know about other dynamic updates that they will bring in the forefront of sales.


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We suppose you have understood why Infusionsoft can be your only solution if you want to ramp up your sales pipeline, simplify leads tracking and payments system. To get the advanced Infusionsoft CRM software in your business, reach for GetAProgrammer and hire our dedicated Infusionsoft programmers to be at the forefront in terms of sales and revenue.

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