Narrating the Story of Our Successful ‘New’ Website Release

While coping up with the fast-paced nature of Internet, site redesigning has become a prime requisite for businesses to optimize their website and deliver an enhanced user experience. Addressing this concern, GetAProgrammer has successfully released its brand new website with the objective of attaining better online recognition. But, before we proceed with our story of new website release, following here is a brief company overview.

Who we are

GetAProgrammer is an Australia-based esteemed manpower outsourcing company that has its branch offices established in the UK and US. We offer assistance to our clients with the objective of delivering highest service quality and want to emerge as one of the established IT service providers. Having our chief development centre in India, we also own a number of local development centres. Having a customised approach, we serve outsourcing solutions to a diverse range of client base including education, accounting, legal, medical, logistics, financial services and trade.

On our sincere pursuit to strengthen our brand image by a new website release, we have learned a number of vital lessons. Here is a roadmap, where you can understand how we successfully designed, developed and launched our new website.

Preparing the design

This initial phase consists of a set of smaller steps out of which, pre-website analysis is of prime importance. Once the decision on creation of a website has been finalized, we focussed on growing insights on the current website by thorough analysis. Thereafter, we made a strict quality check for identifying the existing loopholes. These issues are thereafter, considered as a helpful guide, which details on the several issues to be addressed and the things which should be replicated in the new website.  The outcome, which we derive at end of this phase is the ultimate website layout prepared in a Photoshop file.

Conversion of PSD to HTML

Once the layout has been prepared, our developers conducted a streamlined process to convert the Photoshop file into HTML format, which involves a series of steps. Owing to this fact, following here is a list of certain necessary steps through which, our experts have been able to conduct this conversion process successfully.

  • Step 1: Basic working ideas

It is the most significant step of the process, when at first, we developed the basic idea that drives us to build a new website. Once we are clear about that phenomenon, we focussed on understanding the expectations and decided who will be assigned to perform the conversion process.

  • Step 2: Analysis of PSD file

In the second step, we prepared an in-depth analysis of the PSD file and tried to comprehend the intricacies, which appeared in conversion. Lastly, we arranged all the conversion steps like splitting mockup, inclusion of important CSS codes etc.

  • Step 3: PSD to HTML conversion

This crucial step begun with the slicing of PSD image and once it is being done, we were being provided with a series of layers. What you did after it was: combine all those layers and include some valuable elements to it.

  • Step 4: Post Relevant Content

Since the upsurge of Internet, content has always been the focal point while planning a website. Thus, once the design layout has been converted into HTML, our experts worked on creating a winning content strategy and uploaded high quality content.  While developing the content, we highlighted the core objectives of our website and benefits for the viewers. As a quality check,  we ensured that the content is perfect and precise, otherwise it might have destroyed the entire design, thereby leaving an adverse impact.

  • Step 5: Check Browser Compatibility

Next, we checked the design with a number of browsers and did the needful to make it compatible for every type of website design. We kept sure of the fact that if the design is not that much compatible, then we might have lost potential clients.

Conversion of HTML to WordPress

Our goal was not only to get the content into WordPress from our static HTML site but, also to replicate the current design as well, which clearly showed that we need to create a custom theme. Our panel of proficient developers were extremely keen and knowledgeable, which truly minimized the level of complexity involved with the process. What we required was to create some files and folders, copied and pasted some details and then uploaded the results.

  • Step 1: Create a necessary file and one new theme folder

At first, we created a new folder for keeping the theme files and then created few files in the code editor naming Style.css, Index.php, Header.php, Sidebar.php and Footer.php.

  • Step 2: Copy the existing CSS into a new style sheet

Since, we are having an aim to replicate some portion of the current site, we were actually having some CSS, which we wanted to save. Thus, the first file which we wanted to edit was the Style.css file. Once, it is being done, we simply saved and selected the file.

  • Step 3: Separate the current HTML

Before we explain this process, we would like to give a quick glimpse on how WordPress functions. WordPress uses PHP for calling and retrieving the data pieces from the underlying database. In this step, our task was confined to cut and paste the parts of the existing code into different files, which we have created such that WordPress is aware of the place where it is supposed to display them.

  • Step 4: Finalize the Index.php file

For finalizing the new theme’s index.php file, we checked that whether it can call-up the other section, apart from the main content, which are housed in other files being created by our experts.

  • Step 5: Upload a new theme

After creation of the new theme file and storing them in the new theme folder, we were required to access the new WordPress install directory. After this step, we proceeded to populate the WordPress website.


So, after a long-driven process for around a time span of 6 months, what we were left behind was an attractive and highly-functional website, which is ready to be released on the web. We have ironed out the kinks, which were reported by testing techniques that included a list of elements like headline copy, button colors/placement, placement of links, trust badges and many more.

Our new updated website has been released on 26th April 2016 and we are looking forward to an optimistic response from visitors. Backed by technological expertise and phenomenal creativity, our experts have inculcated the best in our website, which is surely to earn greater customer acceptance. On a concluding note, going through this informative web blog will not only inform you about our streamlined web development process but, also will enable to get a glimpse of our level of competence in performing each and every task precisely. Irrespective of whichever project we are assigned to, we make sure of the fact that no stone remains unturned. This is the reason, which has led us to deliver great accomplishments to our clients, thereby attaining utmost client satisfaction.

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