Mobile App Development: Myths You Should Not Fall Prey To

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In our last blog post, we spoke of some of the popular myths associated with the world of mobile app development. We promised that we would be back with further discussions on the topic and more myths to bust. So folks, pick up your shotguns, take aim and start firing away as we continue with our objective of busting the myths prevalent in the world of mobile app development.


Hiring cheap developers from remote hiring websites will help cover the risk

hire cheap developers

If you are planning to hire freelancers for the coding and development of your mobile app, you will undoubtedly come across a number of developers offering to take up your project at steep discounts. Very often, it has been found that these individuals are new to the world of mobile app development and may simply look upon your project as a training tool with which to learn the ropes of the trade. Thus they are open to handling the project at significantly low costs. While this will probably benefit them in the long run, you are the one who stands to lose out.

As has always been said in the past, if something looks too good to be true, chances are it probably is.

Simple app translates to simple development

simple apps development


Sometimes, even the most basic apps require a lengthy and complex development procedure. Reasons for such a phenomenon are aplenty so we will work with an example to provide a better picture.
A potential client once contacted our development service with a job description that read, “Need a simple app made. Nothing more than a screen and a button to go alongside.” Now for someone with loads of experience, this seemed like a couple of hours’ work.


Upon inquiring further about the job, he was told that the button referred to in the job description was to serve the purpose of making an iPhone work like a walkie-talkie, enabling communication with other users within a given limited range. The development process for this otherwise “simple app” was to have the following features:

  • Recording capabilities
  • A backend along with an API that would enable recordings to be downloaded and uploaded
  • An audio player
  • Logins, registrations and creation of user accounts
  • Possible GPS integration

Okay, we have made use of a complex example in this regard. Nevertheless, it illustrates that what a user considers to be simple is not so when the development project has to be undertaken.

Offering equity to the app developers is a good idea

Absolutely not, this is the worst idea you could have hoped to go forward with! As has been mentioned in the previous post, an app is not a lottery ticket and this is something the developers are well aware of. An equity-based development project requires a lot of legal manoeuvring, especially if the programmer is remotely based. Secondly, it is highly unlikely that a developer will consider your app development project to be top priority when another client is offering him a guaranteed fee.

Unless you have a trusted business partner to work with, or your mom is handling the development project, it is best that you pay the developer up front.

Building an app is not possible without sufficient design skills

building an app

If you are looking for your app to get noticed, it is imperative that it has to be fitted with a great look. However, that does not mean that you need to conduct the design process on your own. If your budget plan includes a component known as money for hiring a designer, you will come across a number of talented graphic artists on the many remote hiring websites. Even when you lack the monetary capabilities, you can always fall back on the use of free and inexpensive icons, backgrounds and templates. Spending a significant sum of money upfront will likely spare you further unnecessary expenses in the long run and also the trouble of having to sit through a  Photoshop tutorial.

Nevertheless, learning the basics is always a good idea even when you want professional developers to take care of your app development project.

Learning app design takes only an hour and no line of code

Regardless of what people around you say, it is virtually impossible to create something worthwhile by following such a shortcut process. On the other hand, you will end up poorer by a considerable amount while not having a quality app in hand to show for your troubles.

A professional mobile app developer will likely have a lot of expertise. Nevertheless, they are in a constant learning curve in life, knowing about new features as both Apple and Google update their operating systems with alarming regularity. Professional app development is more than just a get-rich-quick-scheme. You need to devote significant amount of time and hone your craft considerably if you wish to get rewarded appropriately for all your efforts.

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