7 Best Mobile App Analytics Tools of 2018

Is your business mobile yet? ‘Cause your customers are!

Today’s digital market is experiencing revolutionary changes in many aspects due to the constant enhancements in the mobile and mobile app technology. So, if your business still doesn’t have a dedicated mobile application for it, you are already missing the chance to reach a huge base of potential customers.

See, starting a business is quite easier than reaching to potential customers and growing the business following proper marketing strategies. Time and money are the two most key factors to enhance and grow a new business successfully.

However, in today’s mobile era, apps seem to have a great control over engaging the customers and making your business big! Nielson has mentioned the fact that most of the internet access today is done by the mobile users. So, the sooner you understand the importance of having a dedicated business app, the more you will be benefited.

According to a report presented by Statista, “Mobile app store revenues worldwide are projected to grow to the US $76.5 billion in 2017.” And by the next few years, the profit margin will be higher.

Mobile app store revenues

Image Source: Statista

Now, developing a customer-centric and business-driven mobile application is not everything. You need to work harder on enhancing the app’s performance as well. And to track how your app is performing, various app analytics tools are the best help!

How Can A Mobile App Analytics Tool Help?

Well, with the right tool in your hand, you can

  • Keep a proper track of the progress of your online business.
  • Monitor how the different ad campaigns are converting into business.
  • Personalise the online campaigns according to specific strategies.
  • Know the total number of your app downloads.
  • Track who are using your services and products and how they are using it.
  • Quantify the Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Get easy access to the recent opinions that concern your brand and many more.

Mobile App Analytics Tools

In short, using these tools, you will get a detailed insight into your app’s performance along with the users’ behaviours and activities in your mobile app. And this information will help you to make the necessary advancements and changes in your app to boost the overall business productivity.

So, if your business already has a dedicated app, it is time for you to get the most feasible analytics tool. Here is list mentioning the most trending ones in no particular order.

Firebase Analytics


This tool started its journey as a simple real-time database. However, with time, it has evolved into an all-embracing platform for app analytics and growth. This tool is acquired by the big name like Google and it offers unlimited solutions for analytics without any kind of paid tiers, sampling, quotas.

With this Firebase Analytics Tool you can:

  • Use the SDK that will help you to find out detailed data on user properties, events, audiences and conversion rates. These insights will help you to run productive PPC ads on the Google platforms.
  • Get unlimited analytics reporting on up to 500 different types of events each having 25 attributes.
  • Easily integrate data with the BigQuery. Also, you can create custom dashboards, run data analysis along with visualising data in the way you want.
  • Track and find out which features are mostly being loved by the users, which users are engaged in your application, which type of push notifications are actually working. Moreover, you can run attribution and can get revenue reporting.

To understand this tool in a detailed and better way, you can check out its demo video.

Video Source: Google Analytics 



This is an open source, real-time mobile analytics. Also, it is popular as a marketing platform.

Let’s check out what you can do using Countly.

  • No need to run complex SQL queries to drill into data.
  • Getting crash reporting in real time is now significantly easier with Countly.
  • You can track by custom events, devices, geography, session frequency along with individual users.
  • It enhances engagement and loyalty with the push notifications.

Being an open source tool, creating own plugins to gain more flexibility becomes easier with Countly. The Community Edition of this tool can be used on a free forever model. Moreover, it can be self-hosted.

Google Mobile App Analytics

Google Analytics

Another great tool to optimise the app experience and to measure the user interactions is Google Mobile App Analytics. With the help of it, you can get access to the following data.

  • Operating systems
  • Session duration
  • Total number of users along with the sessions
  • Geography
  • Device models

Moreover, you will get more insights on the following aspects.

  • Users are spending how much money inside your mobile app.
  • You can track which actions are being performed by the users in the app.
  • A detailed report on the user navigation path.
  • The time taken by a user to do a specific task.
  • You get to know whether users are completing the app objectives or not.

Implementing this tool using the SDK is extremely easy. You can follow this implementation guide.



Not only among the best app developers in Australia but this event based analytics tool is quite popular among the worldwide mobile app development sector.

Simply install the SDK of Mixpanel and now, you can easily create custom events, can effortlessly track all the data inside your mobile application.

Let’s dig into the points what you can do using this tool.

  • Track down the reasons behind your app abandonment or why users are uninstalling it.
  • Also, find out the users, who are engaging themselves with the application.
  • You can run successful A/B testing on the messages.
  • It will help you to create custom audiences along with helping you in setting up triggered notifications.
  • Engage with your app users through emails and push notifications.

The smart algorithm and the small footprint of Mixpanel significantly optimises the sent data and makes sure that the app performance is topnotch.



Worldwide mobile app developers are very fond of this Fabric analytics tool. Originally, it was built by Twitter and then acquired by the tech giant Google.

Check out the interesting features offered by Fabric.

  • Boost retention successfully and optimise the onboarding flow.
  • You can easily get real-time analytics and real-time data on the crash reporting.
  • To enhance user engagement, you can easily inject live social content.
  • You can keep a track of the active users in real time. Also, you can slice the user activities in just the way you want.
  • Get immediate alerts on the issues that can affect the app performance. This will definitely help you to take proactive steps.

This feature-packed mobile app analytics tool is available for free.



To enjoy a profitable mobile marketing, Localytics is great app analytics tool. This ‘Freemium’ tool is available for Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows Phone platform.

Let’s dig into the features that have made this tool extremely popular in the field of app development in Sydney.

  • Using the custom dashboard offered by it, you can save time. How? Well, it will help you by pinning the reports that are being referred frequently.
  • You can get a detailed set of data usage and session.
  • Finding the total number of sessions along with the data on average user/session, session length etc. become significantly easier with Localytics.
  • With the help of it, you can also identify the specific activities or content types that are successfully drawing the users’ attention.
  • To run the custom analysis in the mobile application, you can use the unsampled, raw data that have been collected in the real-time along with the flexible filters. Also, you can analyse how your app is performing compared to the industry benchmark.  

This analytics tool is extremely easy to use. If you opt for the premium or the enterprise version, you will be able to use advanced segmentation and sending in-app messages will become remarkably easy.



This tool is quite popular among the mobile app developers for its powerful suite of segmentation tools.

Let’s check out what you can do using Clevertap.

  • You can get real-time information on how many users are using the mobile app. Also, you can identify how many users are returning and how many are new users. Additionally, you can slot the app users into different segments. Based on the preset behavioural conditions, you can move the users from one segment to another.
  • To enhance the user engagement rates, this tool lets you send emails and push notifications effortlessly.
  • Once you integrate Clevertap with the mobile app code, creating custom events, tracking users’ behaviour while using the app, setting up various event-based funnels etc. become easier.
  • By analysing and comparing different segments, you can get a view on which app features are quite popular among the users and which features are not being used frequently. According to the analysis, you can make necessary changes in your application.

The most interesting fact about Clevertap is that it offers a trial for free. You can try the trial version first and if you like it, get the full-fledged version of this great tool.

Video Source: CleverTap

Mentioning detailed features of every app analytics tool within this short span is a bit tough. However, the aforementioned list will be incomplete without mentioning the following tools.

> Piwik – It is an open source, highly customisable analytics platform that is available for free.

> Amazon Mobile Analytics – Measuring app revenue, app usage along with gaining detailed data insights on returning users and new users become easier with it.

> Apple App Analytics – Extremely beneficial analytics tool for iOS apps and tvOS apps.

> Devmate – It is a great app distribution and management platform.

> AppAnnie – Using this app analytics tool, you can easily track number of app downloads, app performance, app revenue etc. for free.

> Flurry Analytics – It is a product of Yahoo Developer Network using which you can measure in-app activities of your app users for free.

So, this was a list of trending and popular mobile app analytics tools that are being preferred by most of the app developers. These tools are going to help you in measuring crucial app metrics along with getting detailed app’s performance so that you can successfully sort out your strategy and engage more users.

Have you found any other app analytics tool worth mentioning that we have missed out in this list? Definitely, let us know by commenting! Our app expert team at GetAProgrammer will check it and update the list.

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