End of Magento 1 Support! Are you ready to migrate to Magento 2 now?

Magento 2 came up with new features and functionalities to ensure enhanced security, easy buying process, and to offer a much better customer experience. As the support for Magento 1 will end soon, every Magento developer and Magento merchant must get ready to upgrade their systems to Magento 2. 

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Continuing to use Magento 1 after this June can result in these:

  • Your business may suffer from frequent online attacks, threats, and security breaches.
  • Your online store may lack in the new technologies and features that Magento 2 comes with. This can make your business lose customers as well.
  • Withdrawal of some of the extensions that were there in Magento 1 may lead to improper functioning of some of your store features.  

Offering a better customer experience is what Magento 2 ensures to offer.

Want to check out the amazing benefits of migrating to this new version of the framework? Here are the reasons and benefits.

Enhanced Security: 

The more an online store is secure, the more will be the chances of success because security is one of the most crucial factors customers look for and ensure before buying or entering personal info like bank details. Magento 1 offered complete security but the newer version comes with enhanced features for security. There’s no chance of any threat, malware attacks, or hacking of any confidential info stored in the site.

Offers Better Customer Experience: 

Every modern online shopper prefers a short and simple checkout process with multiple products in the cart. That’s what Magento 2 comes with. It has an integrated and instant purchase feature that optimizes, simplifies, and shortens the entire buying process.


Offers Improved Mobile Shopping: 

Approximately 40% of online orders come from mobile devices. In order to stand up to the trends, you must be able to offer an amazing mobile shopping experience to your audience. Unlike the previous version, Magento 2 comes with improved onsite search and buying options that attract more customers and get your store more orders from different mobile devices. In simple words, Magento 2 makes the online stores much more mobile-friendly.

Simple, Unique, and Easy-to-navigate Design:

Having an attractive, unique, and easy-to-navigate design is what every store must have to create a great impression on every visitor. A good design of the UI can keep a customer stick to your brand for a long time. Magento 2 ensures a responsive and great design for online stores. With this version of the framework, you can ensure to create designs that your audience will simply love. Magento 2 comes with tons of eye-catching templates that are by default responsive for screens of different devices.

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Ensures High Performance: 

Your store’s performance decides its success rate. Ecommerce sites that take more than three seconds to get loaded lose more number of customers. Fast-loading stores are always in demand. People are too busy now and they do not have much time to wait for anything. The same is applicable when it comes to online shopping as well. Magento 2 helps you to create fast-loading sites. Moreover, this version of the framework can roughly handle 40% more orders per hour and that too with 70% faster add to cart process than Magento 1.

Advanced Reporting:

Magento 2 comes with an advanced reporting feature that allows you to track reports of 20 online stores right from the admin panels.

Marketing Automation: 

For increasing the retention rate, building strong relations with the customers via emails is important. Magento 2 has an integrated Dotmailer, a popular email marketing automation tool. Creating automated marketing campaigns is easier with this tool.

So, these are the reasons and benefits of migrating to Magento 2 for improved eCommerce business. If you want to stand out as the best one in the eCommerce industry, staying up to date is important to have new features for your customers. Magento makes it possible and that too very easily as most of the features customers look for in an online store are already there in this new version. Plan, strategise and switch to this new, advanced, and feature-packed Magento 2. 

We, at GetAProgrammer, understand the complexities while migrating from Magento 1 to 2 and ensure to keep all your business information safe and secure during the migration process. Getting in touch us can help you to switch flawlessly and enrich your store with the sales-driven features. 

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