Top Magento eCommerce Development Trends in 2020

Are you planning to start your eCommerce business and thinking of getting an ROI-driven e-commerce store built? If so, then choose Magento eCommerce development platform. It is the most power-packed and feature-rich platform for building successful eCommerce sites. With its advanced features and benefits like its flexibility and ease of implementing complicated templates through simple variants, Magento has been dominating the e-store development market for years. 

As per the Magento usage stats report 2020, 

  • On average, eCommerce sites built with Magento show 3 times faster growth than the sites built with some other platforms.
  • Magento powers approximately 1.2 percent of the internet.
  • This platform captures around 1.9 percent of the CMS market.
  • As per the stats, more than 250,000 active sites are built with Magento.

With the introduction of new trends, this platform is getting more enriched with enhanced features to create remarkable eCommerce sites. Like every year, this year too witnessed some Magento trends that are surely going to rule the market this year and the next few years as well.

Let’s unbox the recent trends of Magento that are going to shape the future of online retail businesses. 


AI and Chatbots: 

Personalised shopping right from the comfort zone 24/7, right? That’s what people want now. This is the key reason why eCommerce businesses have started implementing Artificial Intelligence that is AI and Chatbots. 

AI, with the help of ML that is Machine Learning, helps to keep a track on the continuous users’ behaviour. Right from customer browsing, buying intents, and purchasing, you can keep the track record of all with AI. 

And Chatbots are nothing but the small pop-ups that appear on the left or right corner of some eCommerce sites and that ask you to chat if you have some query. 

There are some plugins and extensions for integrating AI and Chatbots in this development platform. In the near future, Magento is going to fully depend on these two. 

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Personalised Shopping Experience: 

With the increase in the number of e-stores in the market, the challenge of creating customer-centric sites is getting more difficult. The site should be designed to exhilarate the user experience. Now, this is where you need to bring Magento to play its role. This eCommerce development platform boosts the scope of personalisation shopping. With this platform, sending emails and push notifications to the customers becomes easy and instant. Magento also enables the creation of personalised product pages according to the demands of the customers. 

Headless Commerce:  

Are you wondering what is headless commerce? It is the decoupling of the back-end and the front end of an e-store. With headless commerce, an eCommerce website becomes much more robust and dynamic. This is the finest choice for improving and enhancing the overall omnichannel experience and for delivering promotions swiftly. To keep up with the ongoing demands of the customers and to take your e-store to a step above your contenders, this can prove to be your favored Magento trend in 2020. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA):  

2020 is witnessing an accelerated acceptance of PWA that is Progressive Web Application. Through this trend of Magento, customers can seamlessly interact with different brands online. For example, the customers exploring an online furniture store will enjoy their own seamless in-store experience, online shopping experience, and mobile experience provided by PWA. This Magento trend ensures to guide customers right from their visit to the e-store to the delivery of the product at their doorstep. 

Magento eCommerce Development

Micro-animations to Increase Conversions:  

The use of animations such as the GIFs is expanding like never before and has become one of the latest Magento eCommerce Development trends in 2020. The use of animated icons ensures to emphasise the brand value, boost conversions, and enhance the user-experience thereby improving the ROI of the brand. 

PUSH Notifications:  

Now, with Magento, you can send push notifications to the site visitors after analysing the buying patterns of the customers, the click behavior, and their other activities. The main intent of this is to hold back the previous customer while attracting and engaging the new ones at the same time. You can consider PUSH notifications as a potent tool for communicating with visitors and customers. Capturing interests of the customers and visitors become easy with this, thereby building a purely organic and broad customer base. 

Parallax Scrolling:  

This is the show-stealer in 2020. You must have a detailed and clear interpretation of the product inventory to implement parallax scrolling. With this eCommerce development platform, the scrolling can be done at a faster rate. Parallax Scrolling also improves story-telling and it is the key to use huge data in a lesser time span. Thus, it offers a much more engaging UX. 

Visual Search:  

The new generation customers, especially the young ones have shown interest in this trend of visual research and image recognition to discover new products and brands. By 2021, almost all the Magento sites will adopt this trend and will hire expert Magento developers to redesign the site implementing this particular trend. This will result in an approximately 30% percent increase in the ROI of the sites thereby making this the most popular Magento trend to look out for. 

Visual search presents an immense opportunity to foster improved communication and connections with shoppers. Visual search makes it simpler for the buyers to find out the product they have been looking for. 

Voice Search: 

Recent research has revealed that almost 76 percent of the eCommerce businesses have already realized the amazing benefits of voice research. In fact, the research also showed that roughly 20 percent of the consumers use voice research techniques to shop now. And this percentage is surely going to rise to 50 percent by the end of 2021. 

NextGen B2B eCommerce:  

In 2020, B2B digital transformation has shifted its focus from being product-centric to customer-centric. B2B organisations will be seen exploring new opportunities to enhance customer experience and increase the target audience at the same time.  

Hope, now with these 2020 Magento trends, you will get a clear idea about the key reasons why Magento is considered as the best platform for building top-notch eCommerce sites. So, why don’t you just take a full-fledged advantage of these trends to enrich your e-store as well? Add a competitive edge to your site and make a move right at the top above all your competitors in the market with GetAProgrammer

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