Before Getting Into Magento Development, Get Familiar With These Trends!

Are you into eCommerce? Then look no other than Magento!

We all are indeed clear about the fast advancing trend of eCommerce nowadays.  An online site is no more a luxury thing for businesses but a prime requisite. Retailers are now needed to make their products available readily at the fingertips of their customers to be more profitable in this hyper-competitive market.

The Australian eCommerce market has been seeing an overwhelming increase in the number of online shoppers and it is expected to reach about 19.3 million by 2022.

Magento Development

Source: Statista

But, what’s playing the role of catalyst in this eCommerce revolution? An innumerable number of striking and robust ‘Plug-and-play’ platforms like Shopify, ZenCart, Magento, or WooCommerce! However, with over one-fourth of the market share in 2017, Magento is already considered to be the market leader. Owing to its power-packed features, immense scalability and world-class themes and extensions, it’s the right stop for most big as well as small businesses. Some renowned companies that have sites powered by Magento are Coca-Cola, Marie Claire, Sigma, and Paul Smith.

As per the recent studies, Magento is the highest contributed platform with most number of active users.

Geneliz, Event Marketing Personal at Magento affirming that mentioned in her Tweet,

Magento Development
With most retailers are now dreaming of getting an eCommerce site that is equipped with best-in-class features, Magento can be their best choice. They can get some best Magento developers for hire from reliable eCommerce development companies. Regarded as an eCommerce giant, most eCommerce developers opt for Magento when approached for an online shopping solution. We at GetAProgrammer, a complete provider of Magento eCommerce development services too believe in that and our skilled team of Magento developers in Sydney, Melbourne and other regions of Australia strive to provide the top-notch Magento solutions to diverse businesses. While we are a reliable partner for most business clients who seek to create online stores with Magento, the reasons we promote using Magento are many.

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Why Build in Magento?”


No doubt, Magento is ruling over all premium eCart platforms, there’s more about it!  

Apart from the inherent sets of features and scalability advantage, Magento has earned that position in the market due to its consistent attempt to stay updated and come up with inspiring changes.

We took to this blog post to explain you some of the transforming trends unravelling recently in Magento development that can influence the online shopping experiences big-time. Thus, to every eCommerce retailer out there, it’s time to rev up your online venture with Magento eCommerce development by going in line with these new appearing trends.  

Magento Development

Enhanced Interactivity

With eCommerce market near to saturation, the only way to rule is making the store experience of the buyers as interactive as possible. It is quite possible when a high-end platform like Magento is used. Engaging and highly relevant content is the first thing to focus on to make a site more interactive.

While converting potential leads/visitors to customers and growing the traffic to the site are amongst the top marketing priorities of eCommerce businesses, increased customer interaction can help retailers realise that. There are 4 ways to do that.

  • Welcoming visitors with on-site pop-ups for flash sales, daily deals, combo offers.
  • Loyalty programs/ rewards points collection
  • Promotional emails
  • Highly responsive site search

Specific placing of CTAs

CTA or Call-to-Action. “It is the term marketers use to describe words which cause conversions.”

‘Add to Cart’, ‘Buy Now’. ‘Click To Buy’, ‘Add to Wish List’, are some must-have CTAs for eCommerce sites. Among the wide-ranging elements for eCommerce site, CTAs are the most important element to be taken care of. While earlier there was no need for so much precision about placing the CTAs in a page, it is now realised that CTA at the right position can cause thousands of increase in conversions.

According to market studies, customers face more hurdles in the shopping, purchasing or finding out their products if they don’t get proper CTA buttons. Indeed, CTAs are the final attempt from an eCommerce business to turn a visitor to a customer. It is thus a priority for website owners to place CTAs in prominent positions to make them noticeable to the visitors and also convince them to click for buying.

Mobile Friendly eCommerce Site

It’s obvious fact that people are now much used to with small handy devices i.e. mobiles and tablets rather than desktops. This trend is prevalent in online shopping too! According to Statista, while there are over 2.3 billion smartphones users, there’s more percentage rise of consumers using smartphones than desktops for online shopping.

A study on the Key Consumer Trends of the Australian market by Australia Post and Star Track too confirmed about the noticeable shift towards mobile buying.

Magento Development


Apparently, with 52% increase in the purchases through mobile phones, making the eCommerce sites mobile friendly or responsive is now the most crucial technical challenge faced by Magento and other eCommerce stores. Furthermore, a mobile-friendly store offers many advantages too! Besides reaching out to more audience segments, it increases the site’s loading speed providing the buyers with hassle-free experience.

Moreover, Magento 2.0 is empowered to create a flawless mCommerce store with mobile application based interface. The outstanding Magento Blank and Luma themes make use of Responsive web design (RWD) with mobile first approach. CSS and JavaScript also ensure the mobile responsiveness of stores.

Parallax Scrolling

Now, this is a whole new concept in eCommerce site development. A vast number of Magento store owners are using the Parallax Scrolling technique to make their sites more fascinating. It is actually a website design trend, wherein the background moves at the slower rate to the foreground, giving out a 3D impression.

Magento is introducing this alluring technique now because it helps in effective storytelling and in displaying a great number of products on the webpage at a glance. However, to introduce the technique of Parallax Scrolling you need to hire Magento developers with advanced skill-sets.  

Wrapping Things Up!

As eCommerce sector is too getting filled up with millions of stores, you need to keep visitors of your site pleased with a stress-free and smooth experience. While keeping pace with these trends is needed to make the buying experiences of your customers more exciting than ever, GetAProgrammer’s time-worn services of Magento eCommerce development by eminent experts can help you achieve that.


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