Laravel 6: List of Features You Need to Know

Good news! Laravel 6 is out now.

Laravel, one of the best open-source PHP frameworks has released their latest version 6, and we are looking forward to its exciting features.  

The framework is well known among the developers’ community because it makes the process of web development quick and easier. It simplifies the crucial methods like caching and authentication, leaving ample time for the developers to focus on other aspects. 

This is the reason Laravel development has been preferred by many. The usage statistics of Laravel in the past years will give you clear proof of the fact. 

Laravel Framework Usage from 2013 to 2019

Laravel 6

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And almost all business sectors have been deploying Laravel for their web applications development. 

Popularity of Laravel Industry-wise

Laravel 6

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The way Laravel managed to keep itself updated with new version releases at regular intervals makes it unique among all other PHP frameworks. The release of version 5.0 in 2015 and subsequently its all upgrades till February 26th, 2019 have added lots of improvements in the framework which eased the work for developers. Moreover, updates in 5.x versions contributed much in making Laravel consistent and robust. 

Here’s what Taylor Otwell, the founder of Laravel said in a witty tone following the release of 6.0. 

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We have listed here the features so that you can know how Laravel 6 can make your web application better, fast-performing and efficient. 

Laravel 6.0 Features explained for you

Semantic versioning

As confirmed by the Laravel community, version 6 will be following Semantic versioning, a system that keeps track of the release notes of a rapidly evolving software. This is considered to be a major step because it makes Laravel equivalent to other prior Laravel packages. So, with this, you’ll no longer have to bother about the changes coming up with every major release. 

Separate UI Composer Package

While there was frontend Scaffolding in Laravel 5.x, it has been replaced by a unique and independent UI Composer Package. This will enable the developers to iterate the first-party UI scaffolding, individually in any other framework. 

Authorisation responses get better

While earlier, sending custom error messages to the users related to authorisation issue. For that, it was not really possible to give an explanation behind the denial of any specific request. However, with Laravel 6.0, that problem is solved too. There comes a Gate::inspect method which gives the option for an authorisation policy response.

Lazy Collections

This one is a remarkable improvement in Laravel for which developers should be thankful! This feature will make their job a lot easier when they are dealing with large datasets. Lazy Collections will work with other eloquent model collections causing consumption of lower memory. To put simply, Lazy Collections do not read the complete file into the memory directly, but just keep and read a part of the file at a time. 

Admin Panel

Version 6 will bring up an advanced admin panel that will assist developers to build web applications faster. This new admin panel will help to control data as well as permissions with no need for any coding. Thus, to put simply, developers are given immense freedom to deal and present the data instead of just saving it. 

Eloquent subquery enhancements

Laravel 6.0 is modified to make less use of memory space for each web application. It pushes the maximum load to the database layer in the applications. But, how’s that possible? It will optimise the number of database queries sent which reduces the time needed for processing the models by eloquent.

Backed by Carbon 2.0

Laravel 6.0 brings one more important news and that is replacing of Carbon 1.x version with Carbon 2.0. 

For more details, you can go to the link: Carbon 2.0.


Yes, it’s a kind of surprise for the Laravel users! Now they can translate the language of their web application into their preferred language or a local language with Laravel 6.0. Besides, to make the look of the web applications better with text, it will be allowing for the right to left text layouts.

Wrapping Things Up!

The recent version, Laravel 6.0 has created enough buzz among the Laravel community for its advanced and notable features. Besides, Laravel’s consistent attempt to improvise the framework at regular intervals makes sure it can beat all the challenges that arise in the development of modern, complex web applications. 

As a leading Laravel development company in Australia, we at GetAProgrammer are looking forward to deploying Laravel 6.0 for taking web applications to the next level. Our Laravel developers will be using each of the new incredible features of this version to craft elegant, user-friendly and advanced web applications. 

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