How Are Magento Extensions Useful In Enhancing Business Value

Magento extensions are capable of doing precisely what they claim- extend functionalities of the development framework while adding some much needed quality in customization to the online store. Thereafter, store owners are capable of creating eCommerce websites with the very same features that they wish to provide their potential customers with. These extensions are crucial in making Magento the sort of development platform that it has evolved into at present and has also shaped the very way eCommerce works in the modern world.


As far as being a core development framework is concerned, Magento is richly laden with features. However, it does not offer complete support for the custom requirements of certain very specific businesses. This may be regarded as something very obvious since the core system is meant only for the support of basic requirements of any eCommerce or online business. Any form of further customization or add-ons can thus be achieved only through the help of extension developments.

magento extensions

Magento framework offers enough flexibility that allows creative customizations to be undertaken. Development of extensions related to this PHP framework is a booming industry and your business can be benefited greatly by the creative expertise of PHP developers who specialise in Magento development.

Here we take a look at some of the ways in which Magento Extensions can be highly beneficial for your business.




1. They help in driving revenue

ecom extensions

eCommerce stores offer plenty of opportunities in terms of revenue generation. A good news is that there are a vast number of tools as well that support this service. Store owners can look to extend their functionality with the use of extensions that are capable of doing various things such as displaying featured products on the product pages, enabling utilization of multiple coupons, or addition of special discounts. Not only do they lure customers to a store but some of them may also be effective when it comes to generating customer loyalty. If a customer can avail additional discounts at your online store, then it is likely he will be making further visits in the future. The use of Magento allows the inclusion of such flexibility that promotes use of interesting features for users and drives profits for the owners.

2. Enhanced layouts

ecom extensions enhanced layout

Designing a proper layout for your Magento store is very important. One definite way of driving more traffic is by increasing the levels of interaction and interest for the visitors. A number of Magento extensions exist that allow this form of added interaction with the use of order comments and banner sliders in the webpage. With the use of such enhancements, your online store is assured of looking trendy while offering a good number of features for the customers.

3. Enhanced user experience for visitors

ecom enhanced users

As of now, user experience is considered to be the most important aspect of any given website. As far as an eCommerce website is concerned, the importance of this aspect seemingly doubles. Better the user experience for a website, more likely it is to generate greater amounts of revenue. Enhancement of user experience on an eCommerce website with the use of Magento extensions may be done to allow integration of methods for quick shopping, easy checkout process, and a host of other features.




 4. They serve as social connectors

social connectors

An important part of any business is the use of social connectors. They allow easy sharing of products across some of the popular social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It is a seemingly impossible job to stress the importance of social media as far as marketing an online store or eCommerce website is concerned.


 5. Use them as admin tools

admin tools

With any eCommerce store, there are a lot of backend tasks to be performed regularly. Many of them are supported on any basic Magento installation while there is always room for taking that customization to another level. Highly skilled Magento developers are capable of establishing this for you with relative ease. Adding more customer attributes for collection of further customer data, following up on the customer orders, and collation of all involving abandoned carts are just some of the things that an admin is typically required to perform.

The creative nature of Magento development can go well beyond your general level of imagination. An eCommerce business can be made to flourish very easily by following the right choice of extensions and customisation. Use Magento Extensions in your online store development and derive the benefits of a higher business revenue.

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