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Have the thought of converting your own business into mobile apps crossed your mind? If no, then it is high time that you get to know about the advantages of creating mobile apps.
With an appropriate app, you will be able to share and spread your desired content among all the mobile and portable device users while being on the move. Better user engagement and a total new experience is what a new customer can be offered with. There are many benefits of having an app of your own.

  • Marketing your business through the app
  • Let your brands become a tool of great use and serve as an engaging tool that people will indulge in
  • Spreading knowledge about your business and your created product
  • Give your competitors a tough time by creating an app of your own

Apps can serve as a great mode of advertisement, considering the cost of a newspaper or online ad might have. Advertise your branding through your own built apps and present yourself in a varied way. The apps would help you manage your website or SMEs with much ease. Thus with a small investment even you can even build up your own mobile site with your favoured app building platforms. Opt for professional mobile app developer for the perfect apps of your choice.
Owing to the ratio of users spending around 2 hours and 42 minutes that on their devices, out of which 2 hours 19,minutes are time spent on app according to March 2014.

Year 2013

Year 2014

20% of the time spent was by normal mobile webWhich has come down by 14%
Apps usage value 80% of the total timeApps usage value 86% of the total time

Here lies a collection of the top 5 mobile apps creator for you. The main marketplaces for you to publish your app are Google Play Market, which consists of 8,00,000 Android apps, with just a single- time registration fee of about $ 25.The same thing for iTunes App store is more than 8,00,000 iOS, which demands a yearly fee of just $ 99.


1. Tiggzi

When you say about cloud-based applications, sky is the limit. Being a cloud- based app builder for HTML 5, Tiggzi can be used with much ease by the everyday masses even. It showers the possibility to caret iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The process of building your apps is such that after completion you can download your created app to submit that directly to the major app stores.


  • Pros:This perfect app includes step- by – step tutorials for the beginners and novices.
  • Cons:Perfectly fitted for the perceptive audience, with lot of blank templates, as there is availability of many blank templates
  • Tip:This app building platform is great for musicians and artists, as it permits them to add their made streaming videos and audios along with updates from any RSS feed or blog.
  • Pricing: The app design is free just for the first project, with only a standard plan of $ 15/ month, Pro Plan of $ 50/ month.

appy pie

2. Appy Pie

Creating mobile apps should be easy and willing as eating pie.’ Created in January 2013 with a breath- taking slogan, apps can be created within minutes by people without even having much coding skills even.Starting from an HTML 5, JavaScript & CSS to a hybrid app for iPhone, Windows to Android, everything is possible. With no additional downloading and installation, only drag & drop can save this app.


  • Pros: No additional coding skills required and noticeably less complicated comparatively than its competitors.
  • Cons: Publication on the app store is not included and the website is first introduced in the beta version (test version)
  • Tip: Perfect for educational, travel, entertainment, and business apps.
  • Feature: Appy Pie has successfully introduced Passbook support for iOS6 apps.

good barber

3. Good Barber

Build 50+ exceptionally beautiful designs for stunning apps for both iOS and Android. Customise them and push the right notifications to the destined users to outshine your web presence like never before with 28 connectors (Google calendar, WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Sound Cloud) along with 15 different sections.

  • Pros: Integration of a system of possibility for monetizing the app created
  • Cons: Wish good barber to submit your created app, pay an additional 50€
  • Tip: The perfect app creator to enhance your blog design and centralize social media contents
  • Pricing: With a standard plan for16€/month and full plan for 32€/month (full features) and a lucrative offer of free 30- day trial

The app builder

4. The app builder

This app builder is capable of creating Android, iPhone, windows phone and iPad apps with the help of simple yet customizable templates. The applications created through this app builder are capable of working across many devices as it’s based on the HTML 5. Through this app builder, we are capable of experimenting with an array of contents starting from images, maps, contact details and texts, etc. After creation, this app builder automatically submits your application to Google Play market, Windows Phone marketplace, and even iTunes app store.

  • Pros: Few restrictions in term of design and no special ad ons
  • Cons: You will be unable to upload apps or create a native appwith the free version. This does not come free at all and you may have to add $499, along with the app store fees.
  • Tip: apps for specific events and shows are best created through this.
  • Pricing: App creation and distribution is free.

buzz touch

5. Buzztouch

The touch this app builder means improvisation. Buzztouch is a highly powerful, flexible, and professional open source app building software. Like all its top competitors, it is capable of building IPhone, android and iPad apps of any kind. You just have to go through a panel of three simple procedures or creating, downloading and launching.


  • Using your pre- written plug-in you can create your own app or even customize it as you want.
  • For creating native iOS and Android apps, Download your source code and extend it to eclipse or XCode as per needed.
  • iOS and Android SDK are there to help you launch your app. 


  • Pros: Internal forum and big community, with app tests being conducted with Android Emulator and iOS simulator along with free video tutorials.
  • Cons: Unlike some of its competitors, a bit more complicated than usual for the beginners and novices.In addition, you may require to hire a professional mobile app developer for successful completion of your desired apps.
  • Tip: You may say as if it is meant for the geeks (hacking and coding)
  • Pricing: first three apps for free followed by $79.99/year

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