Definitive Guide for Event Planning App Development

Event planning apps are getting insanely important these days! Ever wondered why?

Event management is the toughest job ever with the need to juggle a great number of tasks at a time and seeing that everything is organised.” There are hundreds of events taking place every day including sports, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and family events like weddings and birthdays

While getting the expected number of attendees and providing them with great experience are the key success metrics of any event, major goof-ups occur in managing the events. With vast resources to handle and a huge line of attendees to be informed about the event, the planners or managers can miss out on one or the other thing. 

Fortunately, now with event planning apps development, planners and event managers got a handy assistant tool that helps them derive audience engagement easily. 

Event planning applications have proved to be a powerful and useful tool for event planning as well as for the audience. Using event planning apps has become something very common and popular with nearly 80 per cent of attendees using these apps to check-in, and explore. And nearly 46 per cent of the event planners already have an event planning app to make their tasks easier.

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So, what does an event planning app do?

It puts everything into one place, helping event planners to plan, market, and host an event with ease. 

Event planning app helps the planners to drive engagement at every stage and provide them with raw data along the way, which helps in raising the satisfaction for the attendees as well as the organiser.

To host a great event, what’s always needed is a definite plan, followed by efficient time and resource management to execute the plan. While an event planning app helps them working in that way, the statistics on event planning apps are persuasive too. 

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When the basic agenda of using an event planning app is to make planning, organising, and managing an event easy and flawless, the attendees are getting benefits too! Three out of four people download event apps when they are available. So, it means that mobile event apps are presently the number one way attendees want to consume and share content about an event. This throws enough opportunities for event planning apps today. 

Besides, there are other reasons too to use an app for event planning.

Event Planning Apps have simplified the experience of the attendees for buying tickets, registering, and checking in. These apps can prolong the networking opportunities for the event planners and can make the promotion of future events easier. Planning events also become simpler if the event organisers use an event planning app with a complete set of features. These applications also help in analysing the results of the events in real-time.

With event planning apps, users the easily coordinate with many stakeholders under a single roof. These applications also offer clear visibility of the entire event. And the best thing is that, in case of larger events that have a huge volume of data, these apps help in easy and quick management of the data and planning events become easier.

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While these show why you must be needing an app solution developed for your event management business, not one app can help in the planning of all kinds of events. There are a variety of event planning apps classified based on the purpose, audience, type and size of the event

However, the features that a good event planning app must have include:

Event feed
Map support
Social media integration
In-app payment
Event booking and scheduling page
Feedback space
Live polling feature can add value to these apps

And the top 5 event planning apps that have gained popularity in 2021 are:


Event Planning App

Now that you have known the types of events that an app can help plan for, here’s a complete guide to making one. 

Event planning app development: Guideline to follow 

1. Finding the purpose

Like any app, you need to decide first the purpose of your app and that depends on the kind of events you host. With the market of event apps highly getting saturated, you need to research well the competitors prying in your type of events. Try to find out their faults and address them with your app to get more share in your market. 

2. Considering the deployment platform

Next you need to know what app you are going to build. Is it for Android devices or iOS devices or for both?  Considering the users for the app (i.e. those involved in event planning and management), choose to have either a native app solution or a cross-platform one. Whichever strategy of app development you choose, make sure it will help you in establishing a strong connection between your planners, event hosts and the attendees with fast and reliable sharing of data. 

3. Deciding the key features for customised buildup

While there will be some functions common in every event app, decide the additional or miscellaneous features that will make it unique for your collection of events. 

Checklist for the general functions needed in every event app

  • Event schedule
  • Easy registration process for attendees
  • Guest participation or check-in counts
  • Interactive map for navigating to the venue
  • Vendors/Exhibitor/Sponsor List
  • Social media integration
  • Push notifications and real-time alerts

Other additional functionalities needed for an event planning app are,

  • Attendee profiles to help event heads connect with every attendee 
  • Ticket purchase portal (in the case of music events, concerts or sports event)
  • Mobile wallet integration for quick payments to vendors
  • Live Chat feature to let attendees interact
  • Live Polling to get attendees feedback 
  • Event feed to drive engagement of attendees
  • Offline ability to let attendees and planners access the app without network connectivity
  • QR Code scanning to allow shift check-ins 

4. Move to design and development with a great app development company

After finalising the concept and purpose of your event app, it’s time to get a professional app development company to help you with its design, buildup, and testing.  Find and assign the responsibility of making your app to a team that can best tweak the features you need for your particular genre of events. 

While the above-mentioned things are just the minimal requirements for an event planning app, you may need many other custom features to manage your events. Thus, think of having a development partner with industry experts who have already delivered such interactive event apps in the past.

5. Launching the app with fine marketing 

It’s better to start with the promotion of your event app as soon as possible, So, by the time it is launched into the App stores, users will be well aware to use it. Simply make the app a valuable addition to your event marketing spree in your website, social media and other marketing channels. 


Concluding Note

With apps, event organisers and planners have been successfully able to drive engagement and derive great returns by simplifying the management of tasks and attendees. Nothing can beat the convenience of having everything compiled into one tool. It saves both time and money, helping your every event to reap more profits

Whether you organise a particular event or host of events, or a startup looking for fresh opportunities in event management and hospitality, an app can give your investments fruitful returns. Our team of expert mobile app developers in Sydney, Australia can provide all-around development services for your unique event planning app, from its conceptualisation and validation to development, testing and support. Get in touch with our team and we will make event planning trouble-free with a fully customised app. 

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