Google Announces the Birth of Panda 4.0: a Whole New Approach

Google panda’s recent release of Panda 4. 0 on 20th May, 2014, has put an end to many ongoing speculations. With its coming the main difference that will be felt are the changes like improved and quality content, which will work directly to achieve higher ranking in Google search results.

At the very starting, the first update was released on 24 th February, 2011, designed to lower down the rate of low quality content. It definitely caused some stirs and pushed down the low quality contents, but the webmasters who were unaware of the latest algorithms resulted in using the previous methods, taking down the search results.

There was another release by Google known as ‘Payday loans update’. The release was done to take care of the particular search queries that return huge amount of spammy results.  After the release of both these recent updates by Google, it is there are chances that Websites can get hit by wither one or both the website updates.

Carry out your immediate analysis if you have-not until now, as Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam,  announced the release on 20th May through his twitter feed, which was previously known as ‘farmer update’. As The fourth generation, Panda started rolling out and major sites like projected its impact as about 7.5 % of search queries.

Payday loans 2.0 are focused on keywords with high search volumes and more link based. As per Matt Cutts, the affected searches in US were only 0.3 % so let us keep our focus intact on Panda 4.0

After its introduction and smaller refreshes, the recently released fourth Panda seems to be a major one. However, the changes are soft and gentle as compared to the previous updates.

Preliminary analysis- SEO visibility- delta value

Based on the organic SEO visibility, for all researched keywords, we present you a comparative study of the noticeable domains.

Google SERPs: Panda 4.0 losers

panda 4.0 losers

Google SERPs: Panda 4.0 Winners

panda winner

The updates are mainly concerned with the content area, thus aggregators with less amount of original content are sure to lose visibility in the web. In seeing further changes after the Panda release, websites lost at the directory level, through which he ranked in the result pages.

However, certain sites, which fall under the category of Panda losers, are actually in a better position to understand to that where the mistake was and ‘learning from the mistakes’. They show either duplicate or even syndicated content at parts but again performing after the improvements may better the situation.

Feed your Google Panda with these points

  • Quality contentcontent is king and keeping it fresh, original, relevant is necessary. Content also includes the social media contents, which needs to be relevant and engaging.
  • Don’t over optimize websites
  • Revamp internal broken links if any for better navigation and structure
  • No duplicate contents
  • Deal with affiliate marketing setups
  • Remove actions manually
  • Go responsive
  • Hunt down subdomains and risky pages
  • Redesign the entire website if necessary
  • Handle bloated pages intelligently to increase your page speed
  • Quality SEO- Keyword stuffing in the overall website is a big no-no. Limit your ads to the existing pages.

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