Benefits of Laravel Development for Your Business

With more than 60,000 stars on GitHub, Laravel has already established itself as a rapidly growing framework. Continue reading to discover the factors behind Laravel’s popularity and explore how you can leverage its capabilities to craft a robust web experience. 

Are you in search of a PHP web application tailored to meet your business needs? Are you uncertain about which framework to choose? Look no further than Laravel, as it stands out as the optimal choice due to its continuous evolution in technology, offering innovative features that accelerate and enhance the efficiency of application development.

Laravel has played a pivotal role in the creation of over 1.1 million websites worldwide (as per Builtwith, 2019), and this figure continues to surge with each passing day.

An Overview of Laravel

Laravel stands out as an open-source, contemporary PHP framework that simplifies the development of MVC-based web applications. By embracing the MVC architecture and offering features like straightforward validation and error handling, session management, intuitive routing, adaptability, and unit testing, Laravel streamlines web application development, whether you’re working on small-scale websites or expansive enterprise solutions.

In summary, Laravel has significantly enhanced the web development experience for PHP developers, cementing its position as the premier framework for PHP web application development.

Why Choose the Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Many individuals wonder why Laravel stands out as the preferred framework and enjoys such widespread popularity among developers. The answer lies in the peace of mind it offers during web application development, but Laravel offers much more than that. Its user-friendly nature and high-quality performance have certainly contributed to its immense popularity. Moreover, Laravel has addressed and resolved issues that plagued other PHP frameworks, subjecting itself to rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.

One notable advantage is Laravel’s built-in testing capabilities, which guarantee a bug-free web application. Here are some key benefits of using Laravel that will transform your web development experience into a seamless and efficient development process. 

Benefits of Laravel development

It’s Simple and Quick:

As the leading PHP framework, Laravel enjoys widespread recognition among web developers, making it a familiar choice. Moreover, its array of built-in templates simplifies development, reducing complexity for developers. An experienced Laravel developer can efficiently construct a 5 or 6-page website within just a day or two. Rapid development not only translates to cost savings but also delivers faster outcomes for businesses.

Offers High Security:

Security remains the paramount concern for the majority of businesses. Laravel excels in this area by offering a straightforward configuration of advanced security features on most websites, fortifying defences against hackers and cyber threats. Delving into the technical details, Laravel employs the Bcrypt hashing algorithm, ensuring that passwords are never stored in the database in their raw form. In contrast to other PHP frameworks, Laravel boasts robust user authentication and simplified access restriction mechanisms, providing robust protection for both your and your customer’s sensitive data, guaranteeing their safety and security.

Enhanced Website Performance:

Distinguishing itself from numerous other frameworks, Laravel offers out-of-the-box support for website caching, significantly enhancing your site’s speed. Moreover, Laravel simplifies the implementation of other speed optimisation techniques, including reducing memory usage and implementing database indexing. This combination of features makes Laravel an outstanding choice for businesses with a focus on website speed and SEO friendliness as key requirements.

Large Traffic Handling:

As your business expands, so too will the influx of traffic to your website. In such scenarios, a Laravel-based website excels in handling website requests at an accelerated pace compared to many other frameworks. Laravel incorporates a distinctive message queue system, allowing you to defer specific website tasks, such as sending emails, to a later time. The ability to manage time-consuming tasks effectively results in quicker task processing on your website. This not only ensures the health of your website’s server but can also lead to long-term cost savings by reducing hosting expenses.

High Flexibility:

Laravel empowers you to craft a comprehensive eCommerce platform or a straightforward, polished B2B website. Its rich assortment of pre-installed authorisation libraries equips you with the capability to develop and maintain a wide array of advanced features, including password reset and encryption, for your website. Additionally, a multitude of third-party packages are at your disposal to expand your website’s feature set and functionality. For instance, you can seamlessly integrate options like Socialite, allowing users to log in using their social media profiles, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Allows Easy and Quick Third-party Integrations:

Nearly every website requires integration with some form of third-party application, whether it’s a payment system like Stripe or Paypal or a specialised marketing tool utilised by your company. Regardless of the integration, Laravel streamlines the process with its user-friendly APIs designed for seamless integration. Whether your website necessitates a secure payment system or an automated marketing tool, Laravel stands as a robust choice to meet your integration needs effortlessly.

Easy Website Maintenance: 

In general, websites constructed with Laravel are known for their ease of maintenance over time. So, envision a few years down the road when you wish to incorporate new features into your Laravel-built website. A new developer can seamlessly pick up where the previous ones left off, thanks to Laravel’s outstanding features such as clean code, the MVC architecture that separates logic from presentation, and adherence to object-oriented programming (OOP) principles. This straightforward maintenance process contributes to long-term cost savings.

The Cost of Laravel Websites: 

As for the cost of a Laravel-based site, it’s worth noting that Laravel is an open-source framework, meaning it can be used freely in any project without licensing fees. However, there may be expenses associated with hiring a skilled Laravel developer, especially if you have limited coding knowledge. Nevertheless, development costs are mitigated by the reduced time required for both initial development and ongoing maintenance, making a Laravel project a cost-effective choice in the long run.

To conclude, Laravel proves to be an excellent choice for developers and companies worldwide. Whether you’re considering updating your existing website or embarking on the journey to build a new one, you can get in touch with GetAProgrammer to explore the ideal framework for your specific website needs.

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