10 Most Revenue Generating Mobile Apps in 2020 to 2021 – Best Performing Android & iOS Apps

People use mobile applications for almost everything they need today right from booking events to planning trips, ordering food, buying essentials, etc. And here’s the list of the best Android and iOS apps in 2021

Mobile applications are used by everyone today right from teens to adults and for almost every purpose. There are millions of applications in the App Stores that serve the users in different ways. And with the advancements of technologies, and with the changing customer behaviour, these applications are helping businesses stay competitive. Applications have also proved to be more revenue-generating than traditional businesses or just websites. And there are some popular apps that are already ruling the market and have made life much simpler for millions of users across the globe. 

  • ~ There are more than 2.87 million Android applications and over 1.96 million iOS apps today. 
  • ~ On average, adults spend nearly 88 percent of their mobile time browsing different apps. 
  • ~ By the end of 2021, there will be around 7 billion mobile users globally.
  • ~ In last year, nearly 218 billion apps were downloaded. 
  • ~ The App stores had hit $143 billion globally in 2020.

Now, you may wonder why businesses are investing in mobile app development or why you must have one of the best android and iOS apps in 2021 for your business. Well, to answer this, you must be knowing that mobile users are increasing steadily, which has made it imperative for every business to have an online app. 

If you want to engage a wider customer base, there’s no better choice than having a presence in the App Stores. Thousands of apps are getting released on the App Stores that are helping people with fitness tips, trip planning ideas, delivering food right at their doorsteps, delivering their daily essentials, and whatnot. Mobile applications have made life easy and more comfortable. With the required apps installed on devices, users can get everything they want just with a tap on the app’s icon. 

Mobile Apps: 

  • ~ Boost customer engagement and user experience
  • ~ It works like a personalised channel for businesses
  • ~ Offers ease of usage
  • ~ Ensures excellent and prompt customer support
  • ~ Easy to use as compared to websites

With the ease and convenience of using mobile applications, some of the popular apps have generated incredible revenue for businesses, some of which are shared for you here. 


Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammerThis is one of the most successful applications in 2020-2021 and is one of the best Android apps and iOS apps. It’s a video-conferencing application that got nearly 300 million daily participants in the last year. And this app featured around 38 million downloads in the last month. One of the reasons for this increasing popularity of this app is the COVID-19 situation and with millions of people that had to work or connect with their professional life through video conferences. It’s fast, and smooth, which also makes it the first choice for online meetings and conferences. 

Download it on your Android or iOS device if you have been looking for a good video calling application till now. 



Uber is now one of the leading cab-booking applications for riders. And this app is accessed by nearly 103 billion active mobile users today in around 400 cities and across 70 different countries. It is a tech-based application that connects together drivers and riders. 

Being one of the most widely used applications, Uber has been helping its users to fetch rides without waiting for long for the cabs to arrive at their pick-up points. With the incorporation of Google maps into the app, the users are able to see the location of the cab and how long it will take for the cab to arrive at the spot. 

Also, the users are given the ease of making the payment through different payment gateways, which makes the app even more user-friendly. 

Uber is available on both Android and iOS. 




Instagram offers people a much convenient way to stay connected to the close ones through images, posts, and videos. This is a social networking application that has gained remarkable prominence since it was released a few years back. The application also presents a broad spectrum of different social media opportunities through different digital marketing tools and ads. Instagram has also gained huge popularity because of the added features, stories, reels, and highlights. From entertainment to news, health and more, Instagram has got a ton or more images and videos on a vast range of subjects. It has given a tremendous increase in ROI to the business. 

It’s available on both iOS and Android as well. 



Airbnb is one of the most popular accommodation booking applications, which helps its users to plan their trips and book accommodation easily. While this aggregating app comes with lists of boutique hotels and apartments, the main idea is to offer comfortable homestays to the users. This app has a global presence and has got millions of users. 

It’s a very user-friendly app that has got several filter options for the users to give them a more personalised experience while searching for and booking accommodation. 

Available on iOS and Android. 


Netflix Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

With more than 204 million paid subscribers, Netflix has become one of the most popular subscription-based video applications used by people across the world. Users can watch web series, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more through this app on multiple smart devices. 

Again available on both Android and iOS platforms. 



Amazon is one of the largest multinational online shopping apps now. In the eCommerce segment, this portal has given millions of users the ease of buying whatever they want right from grocery items to garments, cooking items, fashion products, books, toys, and a lot more. With all its features, Amazon has created an exceptional value for the users. It is a lightweight and fast application that has got a plethora of search and filter options along with multiple payment gateways, a streamlined checkout, quick delivery options, easy navigation, and more. Amazon has nearly 25000 sellers and enjoys more than a million dollars in sales. 

You can download this app on both Android and iOS devices. 


Dropbox is a well-designed and reliable cloud storage application that admirably functions on various devices. This apps helps to share files within a group or team. Users can even write comments on the shared documents and browse whatever they have stored online. Dropbox can be integrated with different apps and web services without any compatibility issues. It also does not have any limit for the file size. And today, this app has over 15 million users. 

Free to download on both iOS and Android. 


Spotify is a popular app in the music space. It keeps on upgrading and comes with better app design, music sharing capabilities, streaming quality, and more. This app has an ad-supported free version and a paid version that lets users enjoy additional features like downloading songs even when offline and more. 

The app is available to users across 61 countries and has nearly 160 million active users and comes with a library of more than 35 million songs. 

You can install the app on all iOS and Android devices. 



WhatsApp is an app that is probably found on everyone’s mobile today. One of the most widely used chatting apps used by people around the globe. It supports easy communication including audio and video calling between different international phone networks as well. It has more than 1.5 billion users today and is fully encrypted which makes it an even favoured chatting option. 

It can be downloaded on different Android and iOS devices. 


Seamless Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

Seamless is the best online food delivery app today that enables its users to order their favourite food online from their favourite restaurants through their smart gadgets. This app is a part of the reputed online food ordering company, GrubHub, which includes a list of around 35000 restaurants or food hubs in over 900 cities around the globe. 

Get it installed now on your iOS and Android devices. 

So, digital transformation or online presence is improving the scope and shaping the future of businesses today. To have an app has become imperative for every single business now no matter what size and type of business it is. Alongside technological innovations and advancements, user experience also seeks equal attention. And mobile applications help in accelerating business growth and give personalised user experiences. The most widely used applications shared above have been productive and efficient enough for the users and for the businesses as well in terms of generating revenue and increasing the ROI. Building feature-rich and user-driven applications with the help of a dedicated and certified team of app developers or app development companies like GetAProgrammer, you can take your business to great heights of success with more revenue and a large user base. 

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