10 Best Magento Extensions in 2021

Recent market studies have reflected the fact that worldwide almost 400,000 websites actively use Magento as the go-to platform for an eCommerce business that ensures annual revenue of more than $100 billion!

Also, according to a current Stats report, Magento powers around 4 per cent of the active online eCommerce stores, 10 per cent of the best 100,000 websites and 7 per cent of the best worldwide e-stores.

Also, according to the reports presented by Builtwith in 2018, across the global internet, 4% of eCommerce websites are built on Magento, and almost 10% of the top 100,000 sites are built on Magento. Click here to get the report in details.

Magento has always been the first choice of developers and eCommerce businesses because of the pool of benefits it offers to the stores. Magento is SEO-friendly, easy to customise, has a very easy to manage interface, comes with advanced marketing tools and is solely designed for building eCommerce sites. And the best thing about this platform is that it supports multiple plugins, features, themes, and extensions that make it even easier to built functional and stunning online shops.

So, do you have a Magento-built website for your business? Or, are you thinking of just getting started?

Then, here is a list of the 10 best Magento extensions that are presently ruling the market and will help you to provide your website visitors and customers with an amazing shopping experience. Also, these extensions will make sure you can manage the store effortlessly.


Marketing Extensions

Magento Extension

#1 Special Promotions Pro by AMASTY

A good marketing strategy to lure your customers can benefit the business by selling more. Increasing customer loyalty, rewarding your customers etc. are some of the interesting marketing strategies that can work on your behalf.

This Special Promotions Pro is an excellent choice for your Magento-built store if you are looking for easy ways to increase the overall business revenue by applying the aforementioned marketing strategies along with other alluring options.

  • Easy configuration and installation process.
  • Allows displaying various promotional products exclusive for such customers who match certain predefined conditions set by you.
  • You can decide where you want to display the promotional items, triggers, design, and more.
  • Visually appealing to the customers.  

This extension works seamlessly with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 store.


#2 Product Review Reminder by MAGMODULES

According to studies made on online shoppers’ behaviour, almost 95% of the customers prefer to read product reviews before buying any product online. They love to know the experiences of using the product from the customers, who have bought it before themselves.

With the help of this extension, this entire process becomes much easier.

  • It is entirely automated.
  • Also, it is fully customisable.
  • You can send a reminder of product review after a certain number of days.
  • It allows you to give your customers rewards with coupons.

One of the major sales-boosting strategies is this product review reminder. It will help you to get feedback from customers by easy-to-handle steps on a regular basis.

Click here to get Product Review Reminder for your Magento 1 built store.


#3 Abandoned Cart Email by MAGEWARES

Do you have any idea about your shopping cart abandoned rate by your customers?

Even a slight decreased cart abandonment rate means a great boost to your overall business revenue.

With this extension, you can

  • Customise all the email schedule
  • Send subtotals along with the product prices in the reminder emails
  • Send follow up emails for an unlimited number
  • Generate exclusive coupons to incentivise the buyers and many more.

The dashboard of this extension is very user-friendly and easy to handle. You can effortlessly identify individual customers. Also, currently, active emails can be checked using it.

Get Abandoned Cart Email by MAGEWARES for your Magento-built store.


Security and Payments Extensions

Magento Extension

#4 Two-Factor Authentication by XTENTO

In the eCommerce business space, a store owner has to handle huge amounts of data on a regular basis. All these sensitive data involve customer information like order history, payments, addresses, contact details etc. Now, protecting these data is extremely crucial.

This extension provides a two-factor authentication that helps in securing the backend effortlessly.

Besides the usual username and the password, another authentication code will be needed to log in. Interestingly, this code can be easily generated by the smartphone.

This extension seamlessly works with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions.

Click here to get Two-Factor Authentication by XTENTO for you Magento-built store.


#5 One Step Checkout by TEMPLATES MASTER

According to various marketing research made on customer behaviour, most of the shopping cart abandonment happens from the checkout page. One of the main reasons behind it is the complex checkout process.

Hence, it is easily understandable that you need to make your Magento-built store’s checkout page extremely user-friendly and as simple as possible.

This extension helps you in providing your customers with getting one-page checkout process that makes the overall shopping process smoother. Also, those, who prefer mobile shopping, will love the mobile-friendly design offered by this extension. Some other remarkable features of using it are:

  • Address autocompletion
  • Geolocating
  • Credit card information autosave
  • Page keywords

Get One Step Checkout by TEMPLATES MASTER for your Magento-built store.

Another popular Magento extension for easy security and payments is “Sage Pay & Subscriptions by MAGNEST”. Get it here.


Customer Support Extensions

Magento Extension

#6 Magento 2 Live Chat Extension by LANDOFCODER

Running a small-medium size eCommerce business? You’ll understand the value of turning every store visitors into a potential customer and the importance of a repeat shopper.

One of the easiest ways to grab your visitors’ attention is to personalise their shopping experiences with the help of live chat, an advanced real-time communication tool.

According to research made by MarTech, almost 51% of the visitors make a purchase from such an online store that has live chat facility. This research has also reflected that almost 50% of the customers return to such an online store that offers the live chat option. You can check out the detailed report here.

Well, for a small-medium size business affording a support team for 24X7 can be a bit expensive. However, with this Magento 2 Live Chat extension, say goodbye to such worries! Here are the features you can avail.

  • You can set “when and where” the chat window would appear according to the availability of your support team.
  • User-friendly and clean interface.
  • Instant chat options.
  • An effective login system that can help in tracking inquiries.
  • It helps in tracking chat history as well.
  • It automatically records all the customer information.

For SMEs, you can staff this extension during peak traffic and business hours to enhance the customer experience resulting in increased sales.

Get Magento 2 Live Chat Extension by LANDOFCODER here.



To present a complete shopping experience to your visitors or customers, having a “Frequently Asked Questions” or FAQ section on the website is crucial. This section has the answers to the questions that are usually being most frequently asked by the visitors.

With the help of this FAQ extension, you will be able to build a dedicated page for the FAQ. Additionally, as an admin, you will be able to add various answer blocks, images, widgets etc. to make the page visually attractive as well as informative to the visitors.

Click here to get FAQ by MAGERPRINCE for your Magento-built store.


#8 Contact Form Builder by PIXLOGIX INFOTECH

This extension works seamlessly with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions.

It helps the store owners to offer flexible contact forms to site visitors or customers. As the site owner, you can edit and integrate the fields that you want to make a part of the contact form. More interestingly, this extension offers a wide variety of templates along with customisable options.

Click here to get Contact Form Builder by PIXLOGIX INFOTECH for your store.


Accounting & Finance Extensions

Magento Extension

#9 Embedded ERP by BOOSTMYSHOP

An ERP is an all-in-one business management software that helps in simplifying and streamlining complex business processes and ensures overall business productivity.

Click here to know how ERP is simplifying businesses like never before! This will help you to understand why having ERP software is crucial for surviving successfully in today’s vying business market.

However, if you just have started your venture and not yet ready to get a dedicated ERP for your business, would you lag behind? NO! This extension can be your solution.

Using this Embedded ERP extension, you can do the following vital functions.

  • Purchases
  • Stock Management
  • Order Preparation
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Order Tracking

Get Embedded ERP by BOOSTMYSHOP for

Magento 1 built store.

Magento 2 built store.


#10 AvaTax by Classy Llama

The finances, taxes and sales of an eCommerce business can run effortlessly and smoothly by following these secrets mentioned below.

  • Either outsource it, or
  • Use sophisticated tools that can help in managing and tracking everything.

Well, for a small-medium size business, the option of outsourcing can be a bit expensive. In this case, you can get this AvaTax extension for your Magento-built store. Using it, you can

  • Calculate the sales tax
  • Effortlessly manage the file returns
  • Handle the exemption certificates
  • Remit the payments across more than one tax regions.

Also, the dashboard of this extension is very easy to handle. Most interestingly, the “tax decision engine” offered by this extension determines the rates based on more than 100,000 taxability rules in more than 11,000 taxing jurisdictions all over the world. Also, it instantly applies the rules directly within the shopping carts.

Click here to get AvaTax by Classy Llama for your Magento-built store.

Another popular extension for a Magento-built store under this section is Customer Attributes by Officience.


Website Optimisation Extensions

Magento Extension

Another important segment of running an eCommerce business successfully is making sure that your online store is perfectly optimised. The following extensions can be a great help to keep your Magento-built business website optimised.



Here are some special extensions to make your overall experience of managing the store effortlessly.

  • Custom Stock Status by AMASTY 

Nevertheless, Magento, especially version 2, is indeed the best open-source eCommerce development platform. With its extensive range of in-built features and extensions, Magento 2 now offers almost all the required features a webshop needs. Because of its immense benefits and features, Magento 2 now stands out to be the most favoured choice of eCommerce developers and businesses. It is cost-effective and gives complete control over the design, content, and other aspects of the store.

So, if you are thinking about how to reach more visitors and customers and how to manage your Magento-built store like a pro, this aforementioned list of Magento extensions will definitely be a great help.

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